Kate Daniel

Kate Daniel has spent a large part of her life in front of keyboards, first the variety found on pianos, now the ones attached to computers. She started piano lessons as a child and focused on music, obtaining a degree in the instrument and spending several years as a piano teacher.

These days the keyboard is attached to her computer Clio (named for the Muse of history) and instead of sonatas, she creates stories.

Her first hardcover and her first adult novel was written in collaboration with Katharine Kerr, set in the universe Ms. Kerr created for Polar City Blues. She usually describes Polar City Nightmare as a science fiction mystery, with baseball. Despite the role played in the book by an American sport, it was published in Great Britain, by Orion Publishing.



Kaleidoscope by Kate Daniel A Free Short Story
by Kate Daniel

Light sifts through the broken bits of plastic and glass and metal. Twist, and the pattern falls apart, forming a new one. See how it looks like a snowflake? No two snowflakes are alike, did you know that? Never two the same. Snowflakes from the sky, snowflake patterns in the magic tube, no two alike.

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