Volcano by Patricia Rice

by Patricia Rice
$4.99 (Novel) ISBN 978-1-61138-187-0

After landing in the Caribbean island of St Lucia on business, account executive Penelope Albright is shockingly accused of smuggling drugs—until a sexy stranger appears claiming to  be her husband, “kidnapping” her before trouble begins. Except trouble and Charlie Smith are two sides of the same coin.

He needs a wife—temporarily—to help him keep a low profile while snooping into the mysterious disappearance of his partner. And like it or not, Penny is convenient, if way too upscale for Charlie’s tastes.

Although Charlie and Penny mix like oil and water, they’re not immune to the lush setting and mounting danger that provide an adrenaline rush and primal attraction. Like the island’s legendary volcano, their desire is a force of nature all its own…

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“Exotic locales and dangerous skullduggery highlights this delightfully adventurous tale. Patricia Rice just keeps getting better and better.”

—Jill Smith, Romantic Times

“Fast-paced and well-balanced, Volcano … (has) just enough suspense to make the story exciting and (add) some sizzling sex! Wonderful story…”

Old Book Barn Gazette