The Shadow Conspiracy

edited by Phyllis Irene Radford and
Laura Anne Gilman

$4.99 (Anthology) ISBN 978-0-98284-401-4

In the Year Without a Summer, a group of mad geniuses descended on Geneva. In an attempt to save the body and mind of George Gordon, Lord Byron, they performed a dreadful and forbidden experiment that forever changed history—and tore their own lives apart.

Years later, Byron’s daughter Ada has inherited her father’s genius. With Charles Babbage, inventor of the analytical engine, she invents the “automatic sciences,” allowing the creation of machines that mimic human action, and even human thought. Once again, history has changed. Mechanical spiders perform menial tasks. Intelligent locomotives keep their own time schedules. Massive dirigibles and flying automata have flung the Empire—and piracy—into the sky itself.

But even a golden age casts a long shadow, and silent forces are moving in the darkness. Whispers of a conspiracy to destroy the Empire are beginning to surface. The fate of the Geneva experiment and the mad geniuses that created it remains unknown.

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The Shadow Conspiracy will appeal greatly to lovers of steampunk, science fiction and alternate history. Featuring very strong female characters (something that the BVC consistently encourages), brilliant ideas and thought-provoking subject matter, it is an anthology that I highly recommend. What really happened in the villa on Lake Geneva that long ago year without a summer, 1816? Read it and find out.

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The Shadow Conspiracy Anthology Series

The Shadow Conspiracy
The Shadow Conspiracy II
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