The Ex Files

The Ex Files by Kelly McClymer

Kelly McClymer
$4.99 (Novel) ISBN 978-1-61138-189-4

Can an ex ever turn out to be Mr. Right?

As an editor at a hip woman’s magazine, Diana Hudson is expected to spot mistakes and erase them. But when her boss discovers she’s been applying the same critical eye to her love life, she decides it’s time for Diana to re-edit her style manual for love.

She offers Diana the chance to write her first story for the magazine–the EX files–a series of articles about whether spending time with old flames can kindle new fires. For the aspiring writer it’s an irresistible, though admittedly awkward, opportunity — especially when her photographer and BFF Nick is sent along to document whether  “Mr. Wrong Then” might be “Mr. Right Now…” But as Nick focuses his lens on Diana’s love life, she’s not the only one who begins to see things from a different angle…

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