Second Chance

Second Chance by David D. Levine

by David D. Levine

$2.99 (Novella) ISBN 978-1-61138-282-2

Chaz Eades is on the mission of a lifetime—the first to an alien solar system far beyond our own—and it’s a one-way trip. When he learns that contact with Earth has been lost, he wants to help reestablish communication. But the commander insists on science first and contact later, the crew is inexplicably hostile, and Chaz finds himself painfully isolated. Soon he realizes that there’s a secret at the heart of the crew’s troubles that is much larger than any he could have imagined. All bets are off, and he’s not at all prepared for the mission he faces now: survival.

Praise for Second Chance

“David D. Levine packs powerful emotion into ‘Second Chance,’ a tale of resurrected scientists in a space research station that has lost touch with Earth. … plenty of story for readers to sink their teeth into.” Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“Hard science fiction that is much more about the characters than the technology. … It all ties together in a masterful crescendo that is one of the most powerful and moving stories of forgiveness and hope that I’ve ever read.” —Wendy S. Delmater, Abyss & Apex

“This is the sort of science literate SF that shows how very fragile we are and the high risk of space travel. Also risky as it brings up race and religion and prejudice. And a thorny electrical engineering/communications problem. Chaz Eades is having a very difficult time and it isn’t his fault, but for none of the usual reasons why. Probably one of the better ‘more probable’ interstellar travel SF stories I’ve run across in quite a while. Highly Recommended.—Dr. Philip Edward Kaldon, Dr. Phil Physics

“Hard science fiction with a sexual politics undercurrent. … realistic characters and a half-dozen well-explored ideas.” —Kevin Lauderdale, Author Magazine

“Although solving these two mysteries are the external plot, the story is largely about the characters and true second chances – both personal and societal. I really liked this story, and found it riveting.” —Chris Gerrib, POD People

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