Poor World

Poor World by Sherwood Smith

CJ’s Fourth Notebook
by Sherwood Smith
$3.00 (Novel) ISBN 978-1-61138-046-0

If you have a hankering to experience the prune pie of justice, ask CJ or her gang of girls if they want to Save the World.

The Mearsiean girls around thirteen-year-old Queen Clair prefer their villains silly, and their adventures fun. But what happens when you’ve gained a reputation for successfully outwitting villains twice your age and experience?

Recruitment whether you like it or not, is what. By a villain who thinks he is doing the world a favor by taking it over and reorganizing it. He’s got your friends depending on you, he’s got your queen slated for assassination.

And he wants to make you his heir.

CJ faces her toughest challenge yet. Her heroic thought? If all there is to save the world is me…


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