La Desperada

La Desperada by Patricia Burroughs

by Patricia Burroughs
$3.99 (Novel) ISBN 978-1-61138-141-2

“REDEMPTION [La Desperada] is hands down the best love story I have ever read.” Melanie Mayron Actress/Director/Writer

With her husband dead and his brother trying to kill her, Elizabeth Dougherty breaks into the jail and holds a cold-blooded murderer at gunpoint, promising to release him if he’ll agree to her terms. “Take me with you.”

But when Boone Coulter grudgingly agrees, he has no idea that her would-be killer is the sheriff — an enemy from his past who now wants them both dead.

Set in the Texas and New Mexico of Billy the Kid, their passionate tale of love and sacrifice becomes the stuff of legend…

The legend of “La Desperada.”

Originally titled What Wild Ecstasy [Kensington Books], this tale inspired the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences/Nicholl Award-winning screenplay, “Redemption.”

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