King of Hearts

King of Hearts by Jennifer Stevenson

Backstage Boys Book One
by Jennifer Stevenson
$4.99 (Novel) ISBN 978-1-61138-012-5

A sexy, funny duel of wills and wits between a small town preacher’s daughter and a blue-collar prince of the blood.

When she witnesses King Dave’s humiliation at the hands of his ex-wife, preacher’s daughter Nadine gains control of King Dave–and becomes his target.

King Dave, son of the president of Chicago’s stagehands, has never been bested.  He will stop at nothing to recover his stolen machismo.

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Stevenson dares to write her characters as they speak and act. It made it easy to picture the story as it unfolded. … Did I mention that it was also pretty hot? … an often hilarious journey … never a dull moment …  King of Hearts is a must-read for a mature audience with a sense of humor and appreciation for naughty bits.
— S Keiko Mushi

I opened it, scanned the first page, and read the whole book through in one sitting.
— Caroline Stevermer

They have a love hate relationship that turns into hot and steamy one. And ohhh shall I say steamy i am sure you could see the steam coming out of my ears while reading certain scenes.  … King if hearts is a great romantic quirky book that is easy to read.  Can I just say if you have just read this 1st chapter and wondering if you should buy it.  Go for it as it is so funny and quirky I loved it.  I totally recommend this book it is a great romantic comedy and I can’t wait for the next stagehand book.
— Mel Haffner

I really enjoyed this book, it was bloody hilarious. I loved the war of wills between King Dave and Nadine, their love/hate relationship was brilliant…lol. The things they did to each other was funny – but if you ask me Nadine plays a better game … no matter what he did Nadine would get one over on him.  … this a great romantic comedy that is easy to read. Go grab a copy and see for yourself.
— Kiki Silk