Interloper at Glencoe

by Julianne Lee
$4.99 (Novel) ISBN 978-1-61138-203-7

Nick Moulin is a rational, thinking man, who one day acquires a fascinating old book that brings him a dream of a beautiful woman and an adventure of long ago.

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About Julianne Lee

On January 27, 1987 I bought my first copy of Writers Digest. For the next several years I wrote manuscripts, sent the work out, joined writers groups, and workshopped my novels with the Green River Writers in Louisville, KY. Seven years later I sold my first short story, Culture Control, to the now defunct Cosmic Unicorn. Then I was hired by the local newspaper, wrote actor interviews for Starlog Magazine, and some video sleeve copy for Fox Home Video. Meanwhile, though, I continued to write novels and novel proposals to send to New York. Twelve years, twelve completed novel manuscripts, and eight proposals for uncompleted novels after buying that Writer’s Digest, I sold a novel. Son of the Sword was lucky thirteen. Very lucky. Now I’ve published more than a dozen novels. My work has been published in six languages, on four continents, in five genres. Contact Julianne at