Galveston by P.G. Nagle

The Far Western Civil War, Book 3
by  P. G. Nagle
$4.99 (Novel) ISBN 978-1-61138-021-7

“Nagle’s textured depiction of battlefields and society balls—and . . . keen understanding of the psychology of both of these proving grounds—should once again please.”

Publishers Weekly

The Battle of Valverde is over, and Jamie Russell, now a Confederate war hero, returns home to his family. Jamie’s sister Emma has been shattered by the death of her true love at Valverde. Worried about their daughter, Jamie’s parents convince him to escort Emma to Galveston. Emma will have a chance to escape her monotonous life on the ranch, become a lady, and perhaps leave the memory of death behind her.

Jamie soon discovers that Galveston lacks the defenses it needs to ward off a Union naval attack. Troubled by leaving his sister and aunt in a place susceptible to Union takeover, Jamie returns to his unit and begs with Confederate officers to have Galveston’s defenses strengthened. His pleas fall on deaf ears. Union warships arrive in Galveston Bay, taking it for the Federals and confirming Jamie’s worst fears. Now Jamie must travel back to Galveston in a secret Confederate operation to reclaim the city and rescue his family.

Originally published by Forge Books

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Far Western Civil War series: Glorieta Pass, The Guns of Valverde, Galveston, Red River


“Pat Nagle’s Galveston wonderfully recreates the exciting atmosphere of the Island City during the Civil War, bringing to life the mostly real characters in the drama with historical accuracy, yet telling the story in an engaging way that is sure to captivate any reader. It will appeal to serious students of history as well as the casual reader looking for a good story. Some of the best fiction written about Texas history.”

—Edward T. Cotham, Jr., author of Battle on the Bay: The Civil War Struggle for Galveston

“Galveston is a tender, evocative and powerful rendering of a great Civil War battle, and the families, lovers and men at arms caught in it. It is a compelling novel, richly wrought, with the special grace of authenticity. I was swiftly caught up in it. Ms. Nagle writes a memorable story that will linger long in the heart of any reader.”

—Richard S. Wheeler

“Lively, compelling historical fiction.”