Eldritch Evolutions

Eldritch Evolutions by Lois Gresh

by Lois Gresh
$4.99 (Short Story Collection)
ISBN 978-1-61138-157-3

Eldritch Evolutions is the first collection of short stories by Lois Gresh, one of the most talented writers working these days in the realms of imagination.

*Preliminary Ballot for HWA Best Collection of 2011
*Wee Sweet Girlies short-listed for BEST HORROR OF THE YEAR 2011 
*4 stories received Honorable Mentions, BEST HORROR OF THE YEAR 2011 
(ed., Ellen Datlow)

“Eldritch Evolutions by Lois H. Gresh is the author’s first collection and it brings together twenty-six stories published between 1993 and 2011, nine of which appear for the first time. Although best known for writing Lovecraftian pastiches, Gresh also writes science fiction and weird westerns and her best work is very good indeed, particularly the dark fairy tale, ‘Wee Sweet Girlies.’”

– Ellen Datlow in BEST HORROR OF THE YEAR 2011

These tales of blend elements wrung from science fiction, dark fantasy, and horror.  Full of unique ideas, bizarre plot twists, and fascinating characters, these tales show a feel for pacing and structure, and a wild sense of humor.  They always surprise and delight.

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“An extravagant gift for those of us open to fiction that leaves ‘formula’ several highway service plazas behind… devastating genius… and oh, that story, ‘Debutante Ball’ — in a perfect literary landscape it would now be as well-remembered as Shirley Jackson’s The Lottery.”

Adam-Troy Castro, SCI FI, official magazine of the SYFY TV channel

“Riveting stories with mind-bending ideas — intensely creative!”

Catherine Asaro, Nebula-Award winning author of The Ruby Dice

“Lois Gresh makes me scared of things I’ve never been scared of before. In person, Lois seems so nice and ordinary…but in her writing, she’s evil.”

James Alan Gardner, Winner of the Theodore Sturgeon Memorial award

“Lois Gresh is a terrific writer and this collection is a terrific book for anyone who wants to read the best in science fiction, dark fantasy, dark humor, and horror.”

Robert Weinberg, Winner of Lifetime Achievement Award, HWA

“Intensely memorable stories…shocking, funny, disturbing. A uniquely gifted writer whose work I have admired for many years.”

Charles Platt, former editor at Avon books, Senior Writer at Wired

“If you’re hoping for surprisingly quirky takes on reality combined with cleverly worded fiction, you’re in the right place. One of the cleverest writers out there.”

Nancy Kilpatrick, editor of Evolve: Vampires Stories of the New Undead

“Everything you want in horror fiction.”

Scott Edelman, Five-Time Nominee for the Bram Stoker Award, Editor of Syfy’s Blastr