Blue Clouds

Blue Clouds by Patricia Rice

by Patricia Rice
$4.99 (Novel) ISBN 978-1-61138-185-6

Pippa Cochran flees an abusive boyfriend only to end up in a small California town working for Seth Wyatt, a man everyone calls the Grim Reaper—and not just because he’s a bestselling author of horror novels. His fame and fortune make him an imposing presence, but he’s battling more inner demons than even an indefatigable caretaker like Pippa can handle. Still, she can’t resist the emotional pull of his damaged son or the chance to hide in the fortress he calls home.

Although Pippa’s generous nature begins to alter Seth’s world in ways neither of them could have imagined, something goes disastrously haywire. Nearly lethal accidents oddly similar to the one that crippled Seth’s son threaten to destroy the new love that Pippa and Seth have dared to discover. Is it time for Pippa to move on before one of them is hurt beyond redemption?

previously published Fawcett Gold Medal 9/1998

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“Vastly entertaining…A wonderful combination of poignancy and humor.”

Romantic Times

“A wickedly luscious novel filled with scintillating dialogue, madcap characters, and a premise that shows what true romance is all about. With her superb talent, Ms. Rice pens remarkable tales that come across the pages in whatever genre she writes.”