Battle Ready

Battle Ready by Julianne Lee

by Julianne Lee
(Short Story) ISBN 978-1-61138-290-7

When the Canadian Army announced they had developed a “battle bra” for their female soldiers, one had to wonder what that could possibly mean. This story was first published in Turn the Other Chick, the fourth of Esther Friesner’s “Chicks in Chain Mail” anthologies.

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About Julianne Lee

At twelve I began to write for fun, which I think is the only real reason to write fiction. Daydreaming with a purpose, and gradually I realized I could gain approval for the very thing teachers used to criticize me for in class. When I was thirty I decided to write for money and bought a copy of Writer’s Digest. Twelve years, twelve completed novel manuscripts, and eight proposals for uncompleted novels after buying that Writer’s Digest, I sold a novel. Son of the Sword was my thirteenth completed manuscript. Lucky thirteen. Since then Berkley has published two time travel series set in historical Scotland, and two straight historicals set in Tudor England. I also write historical mysteries set in Restoration London, under the pseudonym Anne Rutherford. Contact Julianne at