A Princess of Passyunk

A Princess of Passyunk by Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff

by Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff
$4.99 (Novel)  ISBN 978-0-9828440-9-0

Philadelphia, 1950‘s: a boy, a baseball, a cockroach. Unlikely place. Unlikely characters. Unlikely love story.

I grew up with tales of Old World magic. Fairy tales, ghost stories, legends of great Slavic heroes like Kralyevich Marko and his marvelous horse, Sharats. Living in the USA, I wondered where the magic went and if maybe just a little of it might have crossed the ocean from the Motherland.

A Princess of Passyunk is my answer…

Okay, so my hero doesn’t ride a magical horse—but he has a magic baseball. And he’s not a prince … exactly—but he does fall in love with a Princess … sort of. And he doesn’t slay magical beasts—but he does battle an angry Sausage King and a scheming Crone in order to complete a magical quest … in a manner of speaking.

Well, I guess you’ll just have to read it. Then I hope you’ll believe that there’s New World magic, too.

— Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff

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Most readers of fantasy fiction will admit that, no matter how interesting or engaging the novel, there is always a knowledge at the back of it all that it isn’t real. There is an awareness, unconscious or otherwise, that the magic and miracles taking place in its pages are imaginary and not to be expected in the “real world.” In her new book, Bohnhoff challenges that uncomfortable knowledge and shows that magic does, indeed, still exist in the world today, tied up in the things we often find easier to accept—religious beliefs and cultural traditions—and reliant on love and faith for its power in our lives. — mandolin_summer (On LibraryThing)

Faith is at the heart of Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff’s new novel ,*A Princess of Passyunk* – faith in your heart (“Dos hartz hot mir gezogt. My heart told me.”); faith in your senses, your instincts, your family, your heritage, your elders; and faith in the magic of the everyday. … The magic of Bohnhoff’s writing grabbed me (as well as her rich tapestry of story and theme), and wouldn’t let me go. This woman can write. — Linda Irvine (On Goodreads)

I truly enjoyed this tale for it’s inventiveness and magic. — Laura Power (Amazon review)

I found myself believing in the extraordinary… For those of you who have qualms in reading this, I suggest you give this a chance because it’s one of those feel-good books that would captivate you and entertain you. — Joy (On Goodreads)