The Wren Omnibus

The Wren Omnibus by Sherwood Smith

For the first time, all the award-winning Wren Adventures in one ebook format.

All her life Wren has hoped for an adventure. Now she has one – with a kidnapped princess, a handsome prince, and a magician. What does it matter if the princess is only Tess, her best friend from the orphanage; if the prince is a youngest son with no chance of becoming king; and the magician is an apprentice? Wren leads the other three over mountains and past killing spells, fighting battles along the way. But then she finds herself up against some shape-changing magic that may end her life as a human forever! Continue reading


Wren’s Quest

Wren's Quest by Sherwood Smith

Wren, Teressa, Connor, and Tyron each face personal challenges as well as solving a sinister mystery surrounding Cantirmoor’s court. Continue reading


Lhind the Spy

Lhind the Spy by Sherwood Smith

Buy the print edition from (USA) by Sherwood Smith $4.95 (Novel) ISBN 978-1-61138-520-5 A BVC Original In this sequel to Lhind the Thief, Lhind is once again on the run, not only from deadly enemies, but from the truth … Continue reading


Lhind the Thief

Lhind has been on the run all her life. Stealing what she needs, using magic for disguise, she never stays anywhere long. This fantasy with a dash of romance takes place in the same world as A Posse of Princesses and the Wren series. Continue reading


Barefoot Pirate

Barefoot Pirate by Sherwood Smith - Cover Image

Earth kids Joe and Nan find themselves in another world, where they not only discover the fun and danger of adventure with pirate kids, but they also make discoveries about themselves. Continue reading