The Silent Empire Omnibus

The Silent Empire Omnibus by Steven Harper

The Children of Irfan find enslaved Silent, free them, and bring them back to their home planet Bellerophon. Here for the first time, all four compelling novels of the Silent Empire have been gathered into a single omnibus edition. Continue reading



Offspring - Silent Empire 4 by Steven Harper

A madman’s lust for power tore the Dream asunder. Now only a handful of the Silent can enter. As an important election begins on Bellerophon, Kendi is caught in the crossfire. The future of the Dream is at stake, and it may become a nightmare. Continue reading



Trickster - Silent Empire 3 by Steven Harper

Father Kendi Weaver has one chance to find the loved ones he lost to slavery fifteen years ago. But just as Kendi closes in on his brother and sister, they are taken by a mysterious group intent on using them for their own agenda. Continue reading



Dreamer - Silent Empire 2 by Steven Harper

Rust is just one planet in the Empire of Human Unity. It’s nothing special…except that it’s home to an unknown boy who may be the most powerful Silent telepath ever born. But power like that can’t stay hidden for long. Continue reading



In the future, the Silent can look into people’s dreams and communicate across the galaxy. Hijacked into slavery, Kendi has resigned himself to a life of servitude. But once discovers his Silence, a killer chooses Kendi for his next victim. Continue reading


Steven Harper

… was born in Saginaw, Michigan, but he moved around a lot. He currently lives with his sons near Ann Arbor, Michigan. He’s also lived in Germany and Ukraine.

For Roc Books, he has produced The Silent Empire series and The Clockwork Empire series. He’s also written movie novelizations and books based on Star Trek and The Ghost Whisperer.

Steven currently teaches English in southeast Michigan. When not writing, he plays the folk harp, dabbles in oral storytelling, and spends more time on-line than is probably good for him.