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Losing Leonard Nimoy Is Hard. Losing Spock Is Even Harder.

The passing of Leonard Nimoy at age 83 saddens me in much the same way that losing Neil Armstrong did, back in August of 2012. (Has it really been two and a half years?) Armstrong was a space pioneer. Nimoy … Continue reading

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The Future Is Not the U.S. 1950s With Cooler Tech

By Nancy Jane Moore When are we going to get past this nostalgia for crappy television? I recently saw a post on boingboing honoring The Jetsons. Yes, really, The Jetsons. The early 1960s animated feature that assumed the future would … Continue reading

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Geek of the Week: Fan Fiction

Enter “fanfic” into Google and you get about 9,900,000 results.  These results include fan fiction sites for Harry Potter, Twilight, Zelda, Naruto, the Jonas brothers, Lord of the Rings, and yes, even Star Trek.  Fanfic writers spend hours laboring over … Continue reading

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Star Trek Covers: Boldly Beheading for 40 Years and Counting

As we all know, Vulcans have extra-high brows and seldom make extreme facial expressions. Therefore, this certainly must have been a Federation beauty treatment, at which Spock and his friend got a “two for one” special. Continue reading

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