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The heart of the epic

                    In 1740, Lord Chesterfield wrote regular letters to his son in Latin, French, as well as English. Many have heard of his famous letters, but alas, few have read them. … Continue reading

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Viable Paradise: Leveling Up

                        When I visited a wring class at a local college last December (write-up here ) I was asked about intensive writing workshops at a professional level. Many had … Continue reading

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My Very Dear Reader . . . writer vs. critic

It is scarcely the province of an author to refute the arguments of his censors and vindicate his own productions, but I may be allowed to make here a few observations with which I would have prefaced the first edition … Continue reading

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The skittering lilt: Beginning to self-edit

  I was invited recently to speak along with some other writers to a beginning creative writing class taught by an old workshop friend. This class was filled with writers who’d completed their first project this last November during NaNoWriMo, … Continue reading

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I often think of our brains as hypertext: certain smells, sights, bits of music, words, will trigger a cascade of memories or ideas. As I’m doing chores that require two hands so I can’t read, or while I’m walking the … Continue reading

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Books that made a difference

I was chatting with some writers a couple weeks ago, when one person began talking about the upcoming holidays, and mentioned having been invited to a book fair to speak on a panel about YA Books. We got enthusiastic about … Continue reading

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Perfect Music

Of late I’ve been listening to my playlists of comfort and escape music, which includes what I think of as Perfect Pieces. I’ve always loved music. I took piano for a couple years as a kid and loved it, but … Continue reading

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Noblebright, heroes, and villains

  There have been several definitions of Noblebright going around, no surprise there. Whenever anyone comes up with a new term for what they see as a certain kind of story, others find that they disagree with the definition, the … Continue reading

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Nirvana in Fire

Somewhere I saw this referred to as the Chinese Game of Thrones, which startled me because if anything I see it as the opposite of Game of Thrones—that is, the rape-infested, amoral violence that made me drop the first novel … Continue reading

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The Fantastical Explosion

I’ve been slowly culling my enormous book collection; as I get older, the prospect of moving so many books gets grimmer. Anything I won’t reread gets donated to someone who will, which includes a long collection of Nebula anthologies. A … Continue reading

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