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White Dwarf Stars and Other Wonders

The Orion Nebula, viewed by the Hubble

White dwarf’s inner makeup is mapped for the first time Tiny changes in a white dwarf’s brightness reveal that the stellar corpse has more oxygen in its core than expected, researchers report online January 8 in Nature. The finding could … Continue reading

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[links] Electric Sand and Other Glories

Titan is covered with dunes and plains made of sand consisting of a range of organic molecules. Méndez speculated that the moon’s sand might readily become electrically charged, making its behavior significantly different from that of Earth sand. Méndez’s specialty … Continue reading

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Jimi Hendrix, the Singularity, and your family

Ever noticed that when you’re young your family resembles the Earth-centered version of the Universe? And then when you get older and things get more perspective your family resembles the solar system as it actually is?

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