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A Tricoastal Woman: Nostalgia for the Future

Starfarers Omnibus

I am rarely nostalgic for events in my own past. There are periods I remember loving — being at Clarion West, for example — but I don’t want to go back there now. I’ve changed and the world has changed … Continue reading

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Give Me That New-Fangled Future

Octavia's Brood

I saw on Facebook recently that the millennial generation doesn’t want the family treasures. They’re not interested in finding a place to put all that stuff that’s been accumulating for generations. I’m quite a bit older than the millennials, but … Continue reading

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Letting Go of Nostalgia

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

I think I’m done with nostalgia. It was the holiday season that made me realize it. I wanted to do something special for Christmas, but for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out what that should be. From the … Continue reading

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Nostalgia Vacations and Indoor Volcanoes

There was another report this week about the rise in the traditional British holiday. Part of this is down to economics – ever since the financial melt down of 2008 people have had less money to spend on overseas holidays … Continue reading

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Willard’s Favorite Year

When former governor Willard “Mitt” Romney repeats his campaign catch phrase, “Take Back America,” and reminisces about how wonderful America was before it all changed for the worse, I wish somebody would ask him exactly what year he was waxing … Continue reading

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