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Nevertheless, She Persisted: Chatauqua

Nevertheless, She Persisted

Nevertheless, She PersistedThe idea at the core of “Chatqauqua,” my contribution to the new Book View Cafe anthology Nevertheless, She Persisted, goes back much farther than the sanctions against Sen. Warren, the 2016 U.S. election, or even the problems of climate change that are key elements in the story. It started with a bit of family history from 1923. Continue reading

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Moore and Nagata Books in SFWA SF Storybundle

Tech Heaven

Linda Nagata’s Tech-Heaven and Nancy Jane Moore’s The Weave are both included in the SFWA Science Fiction storybundle. This storybundle was curated by SFWA President Cat Rambo and features a dozen science fiction ebooks. Tech-Heaven was published by Mythic Island … Continue reading

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Accidental Art: Berkeley & Oakland, California

A couple of months ago, I blogged about the unexpected or “accidental” art–graffiti, stickers, painting, etc–that I found when exploring other cities or while walking my dog along park trails. Other BVCers mentioned that they also encountered such displays, and we thought it would be … Continue reading

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Summer Reading: Gems From Book View Café Authors

Night Calls by Katharine Elisak Kimbriel

Before I took off for ten days in New York City, I loaded up my trusty e-readers with offerings from Book View Café writers, then picked books at random. What a delight they were! Katharine Eliska Kimbriel’s “Alfreda” novels – … Continue reading

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Story Excerpt Sunday: From Walking Contradiction and Other Futures by Nancy Jane Moore

Walking Contradiction

from the story Or We Will All Hang Separately in the collection Walking Contradiction and Other Futures by Nancy Jane Moore Marty Shendo knew both the truck and the roads best, so she drove. Ooljee Yzaguirre rode shotgun – literally: … Continue reading

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Author Interview: Nancy Jane Moore

Writer Nancy Jane Moore pursued both the law and martial arts with equal vigor, applying their lessons to many areas of her life. She found that questions of justice, fairness, and equality were extremely important to her. This led to her championing low income housing, food co-ops, and working as a legal editor. As she puts it, she didn’t become rich from the law. However, she is a fourth degree black belt in Aikido, both teaching the art and expanding her own knowledge of it. Here at Book View Cafe we suspect she is secretly a superhero.

Her approach to fiction is equally mind-bending. Continue reading

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A Toast to How Beer Saved the World

Here’s a book that takes issue with the popular image of beer as the drink of sports-watching couch potatoes: How Beer Saved the World, an anthology of quirky short stories celebrating beer. Edited by Book View Cafe’s Phyllis Irene Radford, … Continue reading

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Nancy Jane Rants on the Radio

NPR’s Weekend Edition Sunday let me rant about high-heeled shoes on the air this morning (Jan. 4) — an appearance that had nothing whatsoever to do with Book View Cafe or with fiction, but which did allow me to address … Continue reading

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