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Author Interview: Diana Pharaoh Francis

author pic francis

Diana Pharaoh Francis taught herself how to ride a horse at the ripe old age of six years. The next few years were spent either so lost in a book that her family had to send a search party out after her, or bareback on a horse, herding cattle and still more horses. The best combination was reading until the wee hours, and then sleeping until five minutes before she was due in the barn. Continue reading

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Author Interview: Kristine Smith

Kristine Smith

Writer Kristine Smith knows about changing your face and your place, and when to remain true to yourself. She was born in the Northeast, grew up in the South, and settled in the Midwest. After twenty-six years in pharmaceutical R&D, she currently writes full time, spinning SF novels as Smith and supernatural thrillers as Alex Gordon. Continue reading

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Author Interview: Sheila Gilluly

Sheila Guilhuly

Writer Sheila Gilluly believes that Cicero probably had it right: If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need. A woman of many talents, she knows how to retrieve catnip mice thrown by her cat Gracie and is both organic gardener/carpenter and a squirrel whisperer. She’s also the author of two intricate, exciting fantasy series, The Books of the Painter and The Greenbriar Queen. Continue reading

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Author Interview: Pari Noskin

Pari Noskin

Writer Pari Noskin (who is also Pari Noskin Taichert) started out life as an imaginative child with a serious case of Stubborn. Add in hating school, and all this culminated with her skipping classes for two weeks in the fifth grade. Once her transgression was discovered she was shipped off to a private girl’s school as quickly as possible. In her case, the focused attention and small classes were just what she needed to nudge both writing and a fascination with communication into full flower. Continue reading

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WWW Wednesday – Sept 3, 2014


The first book is very, very heavily into cricket neep, which I find hard to follow since I’ve never been educated in the game. That doesn’t matter, because the rest of this alien world is as rigidly courteous as a Regency romance in some ways, and as lawless as a cowboy book in thers. The language, mores, practices, and passions are all strange and compelling. One of these days, someone who knows cricket will sit with me through a game and my education will be complete. Continue reading

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Blog Hop with Cat Kimbriel–Four Questions for the Writer

Writer Katharine Eliska Kimbriel

This is all writer Laura Anne Gilman’s fault. After being tagged herself by Mindy Klasky in an ongoing blog hop, she generously spread the love. She tagged me to answer the following questions:

1) What am I working on?
2) How does my work differ from others of its genre?
3) Why do I write what I do?
4) How does your writing process work? Continue reading

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Author Interview: James Hetley


James Hetley is a renaissance man, which is often the case with writers. He’s been an architect specializing in renovation and adaptive reuse of old buildings. Of course, he lives in a magnificent horror of a house from the 1850s, with an electrical system from Edison’s time and a furnace installed when Roosevelt was president.

Teddy Roosevelt. Continue reading

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Summer Reading: Gems From Book View Café Authors

Night Calls by Katharine Elisak Kimbriel

Before I took off for ten days in New York City, I loaded up my trusty e-readers with offerings from Book View Café writers, then picked books at random. What a delight they were! Katharine Eliska Kimbriel’s “Alfreda” novels – … Continue reading

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Dusting Cobwebs: Or, the Internet is Constantly Becoming Obsolete

Universal Living Wage Campaign

I’ve put it off for over a week, ever since I last faced the ancient web site…the ancient software needed to update it. Over a decade ago, I grabbed the best solution available to build a text site for a shoestring nonprofit run by a nationally respected visionary. They wanted fast downloads on already obsolete machines, on dial up systems. They wanted more text than most people could imagine. They wanted it easy on the eyes.

People still go to it, despite its age. Its most valuable commodity needs updating. That has been what I’ve been up to, in the dark hours. Once again, perhaps for the last time, I go to update www.UniversalLivingWage.org. Continue reading

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WWW Wednesday–Cat Kimbriel is Always Reading

It’s WWW Wednesday. This meme is from shouldbereading.  I freely admit to having easily a half dozen nonfiction books and several novels going just now, so here’s a brief snippet of what I had at hand: • What did you … Continue reading

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