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The Reluctant Traveler Celebrates Introverts

Film is one of my favorite arts which is why I spend so much money and time streaming movies. This morning I watched Personal Shopper—in her re-invented career, Kristen Stewart is starring in French films and is as remarkable as … Continue reading

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The Reluctant Traveler Scouts San Francisco

Depending on what I’m working on, I like to have a movie on. It’s a thing. That led me to an SF-based website featuring “then and now” photographs of San Francisco film locations. ReelsSF These are vintage films, iconic favorites, … Continue reading

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The Reluctant Traveler Practices Retirement

I’m practicing retirement. It’s a four-day weekend for me (dear reader, if you read last Sunday’s blog, you know of what I speak). The first day was Friendsgiving, between folks who’d rather not join the family—mine all live in California. … Continue reading

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The Reluctant Traveler’s Thanksgiving Rant

Could a computer run the United States? Let’s suppose we’re not that far off from this. I probably won’t be alive and neither will Donald Trump (fortunately) but it could happen. (Consider WestWorld—or is it Disney World?) Today’s political arena … Continue reading

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The Reluctant Traveler Goes Through the Looking Glass

Recently, in a story I wrote for my small, long-surviving writers group, I quoted from the following poem: ’Twas brillig, and the slithy toves        Did gyre and gimble in the wabe: All mimsy were the borogoves,       And the mome … Continue reading

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The Reluctant Traveler visits Hill House

I’m watching my favorite Halloween movie as I write this. Directed by Robert Wise, Claire Bloom’s clothes by Mary Quant, and starring the incomparable Julie Harris. Black and white. 1963. And the novel this movie is adapted from is one … Continue reading

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The Reluctant Traveler in Den Haag, Part 2

Leaving M.C. Escher in Het Paleis, Hannah and I asked for directions to the Mauritshuis, The Royal Cabinet of Paintings, home of Dutch golden age art. It was always “Well, you walk across there and take the first right.” Or, … Continue reading

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The Reluctant Traveler: Den Haag Part 1

Another trip to South Africa brought me back through Amsterdam. I discovered some common sense somewhere and decided to have a one night layover, and bunked at the Schiphol Hilton, a remarkable Ikea folly of diamond-shaped windows, lights that functioned … Continue reading

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The Reluctant Traveler Goes off-Message

Do you have a tarot deck? I have three, but this in no way compares to friends of mine who own dozens—collectors, maybe, but definitely users of the fortune-telling cards. I am a pure amateur, but my favorite is the … Continue reading

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The Reluctant Traveler: One of Her Favorite Places

Locals call it “Mendo”. I know that because my sister lives there now—really she lives in Little River but it’s also “Mendo”, because just up the road the town rests on the Northern California coast-line. I can love this place … Continue reading

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