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It really doesn’t qualify as an earworm unless you find yourself humming along with the track in your sleep. Or, if it comes on the radio in the car, you fail to scream loudly and change the station, but instead sit there, experiencing a not-entirely-unpleasant sinking sensation, saying to yourself as the familiar sounds paralyze your fight-or-flight response, “Well, it really is a good song,” and then bursting loudly into the chorus, hating yourself, yet feeling weirdly complete, like a brainwash victim actually feeling rewarded for being unable to run away. Continue reading

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Ear Worms

I don’t believe it’s headline-making news that writers are essentially ADD-impaired thinkers. One thought leads to another, which leads to another, which leads to looking up a reference, which leads to two dozen more books, and then to note-taking and before we know it, voila, there’s a book in there somewhere. Continue reading

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