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Nevertheless, She Persisted: “Bearing Shadows”

I am a lucky man. I’m the father of my daughter. I’m the father of my son. Can’t get much luckier than that. I remember that feeling, though, toward the end of the first pregnancy. Everything was going well, yet … Continue reading

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Meeting Emma and Gillian

“Did GG’s stuff include a scrapbook?” “There’s one of those late Victorian scrapbooks, with poems and pasted pictures. Is that what you mean?” In my debut novel for Book View Café, The Wizardry of Jewish Women, a scrapbook appears. “This … Continue reading

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A Creative Exercise: Writing as Archaeology

Now that I have your attention (ahem) … This creativity exercise is one I often do in workshop format at conventions. It requires that you first dig up some objects. Just plain old mundane things. Go into your kitchen and … Continue reading

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When Creative People Don’t Fit In

Today I rerun an essay from my Facebook page, originally published about three years ago, when I was still a Methodist, attending a church undergoing severe upheaval. Our music minister, Bill White, was fired suddenly, for no apparent reason. Below … Continue reading

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Dramatic License

Today I offer the Author’s Note from the first book I wrote as Anne Rutherford, “The Opening Night Murder, ” where I address the issue of dramatic license in historical fiction. In my associations with other authors, often I’m drawn … Continue reading

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Anxiety, Curiosity, and Creativity

Recently I wrote about “Election Anxiety Disorder,” characterized by – among other things – obsessively checking news sources, social media, polling results, election prediction sites, and the like. Our simian brains seem to be hardwired to zoom in on changes, … Continue reading

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Imposter Syndrome

Imposter Syndrome. It’s defined (according to wikipedia, which in this case is on target) as: Impostor syndrome (also known as impostor phenomenon or fraud syndrome) is a term coined in 1978 by clinical psychologists Dr. Pauline R. Clance and Suzanne … Continue reading

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Hold Onto the Light: Smile, Honey!

What do these two exhortations have in common? “Smile! And the world will smile right back.” “If you don’t stop pouting I’ll give you something to pout about.” Yep, in both cases, whoever is being spoken to is not happy. … Continue reading

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Supporting A New Writer: We’ve Been There

Recently, I received this letter from Wendy, a fan with whom I’d been corresponding. It spoke deeply to me, and rather than answer it alone, I asked some of my writer friends to join in a series of round table … Continue reading

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Arting Anyway

I am not a visual artist. I appreciate the hell out of the form, but – as I’ve often said – I can’t even draw a straight line if you gave me a ruler and four tries. But after my attempt to pick up a non-keyboard, non-wording hobby ended in disaster (for the record, knitting is not restful for the wrists), I decided what the hell… Continue reading

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