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Role Model, Not Runway Model

I’ve heard a great deal about the new movie, Wonder Woman, based on the old DC comic. All over Facebook, everywhere I look, people are kvelling over it, so I figured I’d better go see it before I heard so much … Continue reading

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Dr. Strange: A Very Short Review

by Brenda W. Clough  Marvel comics have never been core for me. But like most comic fans I’m well familiar with the major landmarks of the Marvelverse — the X-men, the Fantastic Four and so on. Dr. Stephen Strange I … Continue reading

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Web Comic Review – SKIN HORSE

Artist Shaenon Garrity is well-known on the Internet for her long-running Web comic NARBONIC, where mad scientists ran amok and everyone was having a good time.  The iconic tee shirt “evil” with a pink heart as the dot of the … Continue reading

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My Life in Comics or: The Kids’ll Love It!

  Okay: first, I have to apologize.  This should have gone up this morning, but I my day was utterly consumed by the last gasp of Girl Scout Cookie sales.  So let’s talk about something other than cookies, okay?  Like … Continue reading

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