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The Inspiration Fairy

This last weekend I attended Orycon 39 with a bunch of very fine people. I had a great time, and I got to meet a lot of terrific people and visit with friends I hadn’t seen in forever. There’s never … Continue reading

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Fairy tales and the magic of science fiction conventions

Fairy tales are chasing me this year. I gave a talk earlier in the year (and wrote it up, here) and now they’re the theme at Conflux, the Canberra science fiction convention. I’m on several panels. I’m also going to … Continue reading

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Finland and Estonia in Bits and Pieces

Jeff has already told you the Big Things, like: there was this Worldcon and it was swell (and very crowded!). So I’m just going to throw a jumble of stuff at you, and you can take from it what you … Continue reading

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Worldcon Oddity: Peeing in Helsinki

Every worldcon I’ve been to in recent years has had its own oddities. In Spokane, it was four days of breathing smoke from wildfires on the US/Canadian border. In London, it was staying an hour from the con on a … Continue reading

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Worldcon 75 Wraps

Worldcon ended on Sunday, and as a way of saying farewell, I thought I would post this picture of my daughter drawing my attention to the welcome sign. I had a Kaffeeklatch on Sunday that was well attended, and included … Continue reading

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Worldcon 75, Part 2

Thursday through Saturday were good days for me at Worldcon. But first, congratulations to all the winners of the Hugo and associated rewards! You can see the full list on Women once again dominated in the trophy winning, which … Continue reading

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Hei, Helsinki! Worldcon 75!

This is a catch-up series of reports, so set your Wayback Machine to last Wednesday, and join my ride, starting with lift-off: We arrived in Helsinki, Finland, early this morning for Worldcon 75, this year’s World Science Fiction Convention. At … Continue reading

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The Rambling Writer Joins the Pulpwood Queen Book Club

Since retiring from teaching creative writing, I have not missed the teetering piles of stories and revisions of stories and revisions of revisions of stories to critique, but I find that I do miss leading workshops and mostly Talking About … Continue reading

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SFWA Nebula Conference 2017

by Brenda W. Clough Every year the Science-Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America holds a Nebula Conference. This is not only to hand out the organization’s annual awards, but is both a social and a professional occasion. We have a … Continue reading

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Bystander Intervention

The horrible events on the Portland light-rail train – two men killed and a third seriously injured when they intervened to protect two women being harassed – make a key element of bystander intervention dreadfully clear: It can be very … Continue reading

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