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The Things People Say—4: Verbal Squid Ink

I want to state at the outset that this article is not about political points of view. It’s about the way we communicate or fail to communicate ideas. I have been without political affiliation my entire adult life, but am … Continue reading

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Muppets and Parallel Structure

This came from Kermit the Frog’s Twitter feed a while ago: Success isn’t easy. It takes determination, perspiration, and, for frogs, condensation to make it. It’s cute, but not very funny.  It could be funny, but it isn’t.  Let’s look … Continue reading

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Deborah Answers Questions on Writing

Renoir sisters reading

Q: What advice would you give an aspiring young writer? A: There are a gazillion tips on how to write, how not to write, do’s and don’ts galore. The best advice I can give to a young author is to … Continue reading

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Transitions in writing


First published at July 9, 2016 Something I’ve noticed in my own writing, I cling to phrases I’ve written in rough draft. Even as I flesh out a half-baked scene or idea, add dialog, or break a scene in … Continue reading

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LGBT Characters and Bone War

A reader reviewer for my novel IRON AXE wrote that he liked the book until he hit the “social commentary” about gay people, and then he didn’t like it anymore.  He wanted interesting characters in his fantasy, not social commentary. … Continue reading

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On Magic

Fantasy is a lens which sharpens and clarifies the sliver of reality viewed through it. Magic is one of the tools used to accomplish this, and it’s a powerful one. I’ll even go so far to say that it’s a … Continue reading

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Cover Mania

I love it when covers WORK. The covers for my fantasy series the Books of Blood and Iron follow a progression, and it’s pretty cool.  We start with IRON AXE: We have an ancient axe, crudely made and battered and … Continue reading

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Confessions of an Inadvertent Prescriptionist

So my daughter is home for the summer, bringing joy and great conversations and taking over my kitchen. I really enjoy both my daughters, but Younger Girl is such an emphatic presence in the house that you really know she’s here. And we … Continue reading

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Just Like English


In this blog, I’ve had to focus on books written in English, because blogs are short, and English is the language I know best.  I intend no slight to speakers and readers of other languages by doing so. I often … Continue reading

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Writing Nowadays–Tuckerizing

Sometimes authors slip the names of real people and even their descriptions into their fiction.  This is called “tuckerizing” after a fan named Bob Tucker, who made it a hobby to persuade as many writers as possible to name characters … Continue reading

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