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The Tesla Diaries: 1. Dreaming

When I first became aware of the existence of Tesla Motors and their goal of making electric cars that everyone could afford, I went out and bought some Tesla stock. I did that because I couldn’t afford to buy a … Continue reading

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Discussing magic in fantasy fiction

If any sufficiently advanced technology, as the quote goes, is indistinguishable from magic, then it is also possible that any sufficiently advanced magic is indistinguishable from a religion. -Alma Alexander from a Book View Café blog post On Magic on August 5, 2016

Any fantasy that is sufficiently internally consistent is indistinguishable from science fiction. -Jennifer Stevenson Continue reading

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Future of Intelligence

This past Tuesday, I braved Chicago traffic to attend a talk at Venue610 that was sponsored by Chicago Ideas. I rarely attend talks, but when I heard the title, Future of Intelligence: Human, Machine and Extraterrestrial, I had to make … Continue reading

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Consideration of Works Present: Sully

(Picture from here.) I saw the film Sully last night (Starring Tom Hanks. Directed by Clint Eastwood.) and found it both compelling and irritating. The directing was quite good and Tom Hanks’ performance was quite good. The film is about Chesley … Continue reading

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A Solar Experiment

It is done. The project I’ve been working on over the summer has been completed. That’s it to the side there. The dehydrator itself, the area where the fruits, vegetables, etc. are actually dried is the big box. The long … Continue reading

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New car

So this week I bought a car from a dealer for the second time in my life. Since I am way past the years of discretion this is pretty remarkable, and I approached the project with more timidity than my friends would credit. Continue reading

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Yep, Pokemon Go

I’ll assume you already know what Pokemon Go is.  It has invaded our house, but this time it was by my choice, not the boys’. My son Aran (age 19) is autistic and doesn’t like to leave the house, so … Continue reading

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Saying goodbye to hardware

I’m sitting writing this in the dark behind the wheel of my 1996 Rav4, parked outside Runge Auto and Tire, waiting for my friend Angel to come by and take me home. Tim Runge will know what to think when he sees it outside his door tomorrow morning, long before I can call to explain. Continue reading

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Calling Dr. Pavlov

Long ago and far away, when I was a chunky post-teenager, my grandmother offered to pay for me to participate in the Schick weight loss program. This was a thing that enjoyed a brief vogue in the mid-70s, when I … Continue reading

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Bicentennial Man: A Very Short Review

by Brenda W. Clough This movie came out in 1999, and I am sorry to report that I only saw it last fall. It is fairly faithfully based upon the award-winning novella from 1976 that we probably all have read, … Continue reading

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