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Bystander Intervention

The horrible events on the Portland light-rail train – two men killed and a third seriously injured when they intervened to protect two women being harassed – make a key element of bystander intervention dreadfully clear: It can be very … Continue reading

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Old Man’s Judo

(Picture from here.) When I was in grade school, in California, my father enrolled me in a judo class. I have no idea why he did it—in fact, it was done so early in my life it seemed completely natural. Who … Continue reading

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The News From 2Dits Farm: Little Bahstids

We’re pretty tough folk here in Maine. At least, that’s what we like to tell ourselves around the woodstove of a night after spending all day felling trees with axes, snowshoeing out to the back forty to check on livestock … Continue reading

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Holding Space

Lately I’ve been noticing a spate of articles about women in men’s space. There’s been much discussion of the subway tactic of “inseaming” or “manspreading,” both deploring it and proposing strategies for countering it. What I particularly notice is that … Continue reading

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Put Away the Cell Phone and No One Gets Hurt

street pumpkin

Literally. Walking down the street staring at your phone is a good way to get injured. And that goes double or triple if you’re skateboarding or riding a bike while texting or reading. I’ve seen several recent posts on Facebook … Continue reading

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Musing About Martial Arts (and Writing)


There’s a reasonable amount of overlap between martial artists and science fiction writers. I’m not sure why, except that possibly people who spend a lot of time sitting in front of a computer need a good physical activity to balance … Continue reading

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I will walk with you

 I will walk with you by Vonda N. McIntyre I’m distressed to see that some folks who were planning to come to Sasquan are thinking of skipping Worldcon this year. Because they’re frightened. I understand why people are frightened, given … Continue reading

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What’s Happened to Beauty Queens?

Miss America

I was surprised – but very pleased – to learn that the newest Miss America, Kira Kazantsev, had interned at Planned Parenthood.  An icon of American womanhood interested in women’s reproductive rights. Imagine that. She has also taken a strong … Continue reading

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‘True Budo Is a Work of Love’


The title of this post is a quote from the founder of Aikido, Morihei Ueshiba, usually referred to as O Sensei. The word “budo” means the way of war, or warriorship, and Aikido is a martial art built on very … Continue reading

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A Karate Scrapbook: Pursuing Beauty

Ever since karate gained a foothold in the United States, the dojos that specialize in the tournament scene have attracted greater numbers of students than those that concentrate upon the long, slow study of the traditional artform. This is even … Continue reading

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