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Within My Teaching Box – the magic of the Middle Ages

There are several pottery fragments in my teaching box. They always make students dream. The students’ eyes become greedy and they want to take these sad scraps home. They’re shy about touching them, even though these fragments are probably the … Continue reading

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Still Here

This last year found me doing something I don’t usually do—namely, working on a couple of projects that aren’t set in the 19th century (gasp!) One of those projects is a story set in the United States in 1917, just … Continue reading

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A Trip to France 5: Pont du Gard

by Brenda W. Clough  This beautiful site is not actually a bridge, as its name indicates. It’s actually an aqueduct, a fantastic work of engineering that supplied water to the regional Roman capital of Nimes. Later on, the medieval residents … Continue reading

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Murder and Forensics

I had the opportunity to attend a writers workshop this weekend with D.P. Lyle and Katherine Ramsland as the two keynote speakers, plus Kathy Flynn and Rhiannon Davis, one a former homicide detective and the latter a forensic analyst. My … Continue reading

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Nevertheless She Persisted: Den of Iniquity

Den of Iniquity My story in this anthology started with this: There are photos of many similar hearths floating around the internet. Some of them more sinister than this. As cool and imaginative as they are, I’m not certain I’d … Continue reading

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Meeting Emma and Gillian

“Did GG’s stuff include a scrapbook?” “There’s one of those late Victorian scrapbooks, with poems and pasted pictures. Is that what you mean?” In my debut novel for Book View Café, The Wizardry of Jewish Women, a scrapbook appears. “This … Continue reading

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The Language Attic: Glaive


As I’ve mentioned before, my sweetheart’s daughter comes over periodically to consult our very large (and rather old) unabridged Merriam-Webster dictionary. She keeps a word list and, judging by the words on it, she’s been reading a lot of older … Continue reading

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The Word Museum by Jeffrey Kacirk, Barnes & Noble, New York, 2000 is a marvelous tool for writers of historical fiction. Not only does it help find the right word for the occasion, it is good for a laugh or … Continue reading

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The Reluctant Traveler (and Writer)- The Fun of Research

Reader, do you like to do research for your novels? Where do you start, and what tools do you use? I’ll answer first. I love research. Most of my writing career I’ve produced fantasy, some science fiction, and a lot … Continue reading

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Research and Lemons

While doing some research for my current work, I came across a set of recipes–and a deadly superstition. The first was for Atlantic Beach Pie, a dessert from the mid-Atlantic states. It sounded strange: a lemon custard pie on a … Continue reading

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