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In Troubled Times: A Personal Sanctuary

When I received a letter from the Department of Corrections, informing me of the late March parole hearing for the man who raped and murdered my mother, I felt overwhelmed. It had been as much as I could do to … Continue reading

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Refusing to Be Bullied

Ursula K. Le Guin, photo by Marian Wood Kolisch

The manic speed and vindictiveness of the Republican attack on American core values and institutions make it all too easy for us, the majority opposition, to feel defeated — hopeless. This article is a good antidote. Continue reading

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A Tricoastal Woman: Rising Up

Become Ungovernable

At the end of the week in 1970 in which nonviolent protestors were killed by National Guard troops at Kent State and Jackson State universities, I took part in a large antiwar march in Austin. Nixon had expanded the Vietnam … Continue reading

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Constructing the Golem

Ursula K. Le Guin, photo by Marian Wood Kolisch

The legend of the golem varies according to the teller, but I will follow the version that tells how in a time of persecution a rabbi made a mighty giant out of mud, a golem, and wrote a sacred word on its forehead — “Truth” — that gave it life. With its frightening size and enormous strength, the golem was to defend and safeguard the Jews. But the golem was not rational, not controllable. It was a danger in itself. So the rabbi removed a single letter from the word on its forehead, which then read “Death,” and the life went out of the giant, leaving only mud. Continue reading

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In Troubled Times: Tenaciously Hopeful

Recently I’ve noticed more articles on staying grounded in joy and hope, even when surrounded by fear. Perhaps such articles have always been part of the general social media discourse and I am only now becoming sufficiently calm to notice … Continue reading

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Unnatural Empathy

(Picture from here.) The eastern gray tree frog (Hyla versicolor) and the Cope’s gray tree frog (H. chrysoscelis) are closely related. They look identical. Yet they only mate preferentially with each other. Why? You might ask. The Cope’s frog has … Continue reading

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In Troubled Times: Numbing Out

I have long understood the dangers and seductions of overwork. I’ve frequently coped with stress by balancing my checkbook or going over budget figures. Or reading and replying to every single email in my Inbox. It needn’t be intellectual work: … Continue reading

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Guest post via Ursula K. Le Guin: “The Wall” by Anita Endrezze

Anita Endrezze

Build a wall of saguaros,
butterflies, and bones
of those who perished
in the desert. Continue reading

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A Tricoastal Woman: European-American

Nancy Jane Moore

I grew up in a small town outside of Houston in a culture that was mostly white, Anglo, and Christian. It wasn’t exclusively white. We had both African-American and Mexican-American neighbors and, after NASA set up the Johnson Space Center … Continue reading

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In Troubled Times: Emotional Sobriety

Most of us who drink alcohol have sooner or later imbibed too much of it. Setting aside the embarrassing and unhealthful effect of such overindulgence, we then got to experience nature’s own payback: a hangover. Not only do we feel … Continue reading

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