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Ten Things

For a while some twenty years ago, there was this meme going around that maintained you might not be as boring as you think you are. I’d like to believe that, but I don’t. About as far as I can … Continue reading

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Hold the art, gimme a flick with great extras

I find it almost impossible to watch cinema. My palate has been irretrievably vitiated by a constant diet of trashy teen pix, romcom, bromance, vilely stupid adventure flicks, indie gay comedy, and B-minus monster movies dated pre-1977. This means I fall asleep after ten minutes of Babette’s Feast, and I have a perfect 0 for 0 record at having seen the Oscar nominees in any year before the ceremony. Continue reading

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Writing Nowadays–Hollywood and Magic Computers

Yesterday, Darwin and I were watching a Big Name Spy Thriller on DVD.  It had the same plot every other spy thriller uses: STEP ONE: Spy Protagonist learns of an object he needs to get hold of in order to … Continue reading

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Star Trek: Discovery and All the Little Snowflakes

CBS released an actual trailer (instead of a stupid teaser trailer) for Star Trek: Discovery. And the Internet is losing its head As of this writing, the trailer has over four million views on YouTube and zillions of negative comments.  … Continue reading

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Riverdale: Kevin and Moose

A few years ago, Archie Comics unveiled with fanfare Kevin Keller, the first gay character in their comics universe.  There was some backlash, but overall the character proved enormously popular.  So popular, in fact, that he was given his own … Continue reading

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Gay Promise

So far I’ve written about the Gay Tragedy and the Gay Tease. Finally, we also have the Gay Promise.  This is when the producers announce loudly and firmly that they’re going to have a gay character on the show.  Real … Continue reading

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The Twilight Zone: A Commentary (Part 2)

Now that it’s streaming on Netflix, I’ve been watching THE TWILIGHT ZONE for the first time.  (I had a deprived childhood.)  The show has had a big impact on the SF community for decades, like a grandfather who used to … Continue reading

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The Twilight Zone: A Commentary (Part 1)

A point of information: I’ve never watched an episode of THE TWILIGHT ZONE all the way through.  The ZONE, of course, is before my time–I was born in 1967, four years after the show went off the air.  However, many … Continue reading

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Nirvana in Fire

Somewhere I saw this referred to as the Chinese Game of Thrones, which startled me because if anything I see it as the opposite of Game of Thrones—that is, the rape-infested, amoral violence that made me drop the first novel … Continue reading

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I’ve got your back: longterm relationships in genre

Last Sunday, Steven Popkes talked about rewatching three old films. Briefly, he discusses how, viewed as an adult, the Thin Man films and His Girl Friday hold up, while the famous It Happened That Night, starring Clark Gable and Claudette … Continue reading

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