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Whatever Makes You Weird: An Interview With Jacey Bedford

Empire of Dust

I first met Jacey Bedford when I attended the Milford SF Writer’s Conference in the UK some years back. We’ve stayed in touch ever since. I’m delighted to post this interview with her about her novel, Empire of Dust, which … Continue reading

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Author Interview: Pari Noskin

Pari Noskin

Writer Pari Noskin (who is also Pari Noskin Taichert) started out life as an imaginative child with a serious case of Stubborn. Add in hating school, and all this culminated with her skipping classes for two weeks in the fifth grade. Once her transgression was discovered she was shipped off to a private girl’s school as quickly as possible. In her case, the focused attention and small classes were just what she needed to nudge both writing and a fascination with communication into full flower. Continue reading

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Author Interview: James Hetley

James Hetley is a renaissance man, which is often the case with writers. He’s been an architect specializing in renovation and adaptive reuse of old buildings. Of course, he lives in a magnificent horror of a house from the 1850s, with an electrical system from Edison’s time and a furnace installed when Roosevelt was president.

Teddy Roosevelt. Continue reading

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Author Interview: Sara Stamey

Sara Stamey’s journeys include treasure hunting and teaching scuba in the Caribbean and Honduras; backpacking Greece and New Zealand; operating a nuclear reactor; and owning a farm in Southern Chile. Sara Stamey’s novel Islands, now in ebook from Book View Cafe, is set in the Caribbean and packed with both adventure and intricate characters and plot. It’s also romantic suspense with a drop of psychic wonder. “An archeologist investigating petroglyphs ends up diving for sunken treasure and investigating a cult murder.” Continue reading

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Author Interview: Brenda W. Clough

Writer Brenda W. Clough has stitched together an exotic quilt of a career and a life. She’s written classic fantasy, fantasy humor, fantasy for children, science fiction, steampunk, and even contemporary mystery. Recent novels include Speak to Our Desires, an unusual murder mystery that takes place in 1969 New York City, and Revise the World, a science fiction tale of time travel, FTL drives, and resurrected Antarctic explorers. Her latest work from Book View Cafe is the re-release of How Like a God, where she asks the question, “Does absolute power corrupt absolutely?” A man on the edge is about to find out. Continue reading

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On the borders of worlds: interview with Francesca Forrest

One of my favorite books of 2013 appeared quietly on the scene, an indie publication that pretty much had to go indie, as fitting it neatly into a marketing niche would be tough. I loved Pen Pal, by Francesca Forrest, … Continue reading

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Author Interview: Nancy Jane Moore

Writer Nancy Jane Moore pursued both the law and martial arts with equal vigor, applying their lessons to many areas of her life. She found that questions of justice, fairness, and equality were extremely important to her. This led to her championing low income housing, food co-ops, and working as a legal editor. As she puts it, she didn’t become rich from the law. However, she is a fourth degree black belt in Aikido, both teaching the art and expanding her own knowledge of it. Here at Book View Cafe we suspect she is secretly a superhero.

Her approach to fiction is equally mind-bending. Continue reading

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Author Interview: Lois Gresh

Writer Lois H. Gresh is one of the rare people working today who has not only been lauded by critics and peers (nominations for the Bram Stoker, Nebula, Theodore Sturgeon, and International Horror Guild Awards) but has reached the New York Times Bestseller List multiple times. Lois is known for SF, The Weird, Horror, YA and also her Companion books for other popular worlds. Her latest hot seller is DARK FUSIONS: WHERE MONSTERS LURK! Continue reading

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Interview with Vonda N. McIntyre

Vonda N. McIntyre

BVC’s Vonda N. McIntyre was recently interviewed by a student in a seminar on feminist science fiction at the University of Oregon. The interview, available here, was conducted by Quintin Kreth, who studied Vonda’s life, correspondence, and work as a … Continue reading

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Author Interview: Jill Zeller

Jill Zeller was determined to become a writer ever since her fifth grade play was a flop (let’s just say that no one was yelling “Author, author!”) Millions of words later, she’s still writing both novels and short stories in a myriad of worlds and genres. Her first release from Book View Cafe, the zombie tale Bijou, is creepy in a way that only a woman writing medical thrillers and horror could dream up. Continue reading

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