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Bookbinding and the Working Woman

This was originally published in March on the blog of the American Bookbinders Museum, where I’m Operations Manager. One of the many things I like about my job is the opportunity to learn new things. And as it turns out, … Continue reading

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Come From Away: A Very Short Review

by Brenda W. Clough  What do you do, how do you respond, in the face of a titanic tragedy? Well, I can tell you what creative people do. On Sept. 12, 2001 I am certain that Word documents were opened … Continue reading

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Fifteen years and a day after

I tried not to think about 9/11 yesterday. It’s not that it isn’t important. In fact there are those moments in your life when you remember exactly where you were and what you were doing when something powerful occurred. A … Continue reading

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Sense of Wonder

galaxy fibonacci

So I was reading for review a recent publication of Christian Fantasy and Science Fiction. I realize that a great many (if not most) of the people I know in the sf/f world roll their eyes out of their heads … Continue reading

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The Ghosts that Talk

Ghosts in history first rose to my notice with Jaime Lee Moyer’s atmospheric, tense series beginning with Delia’s Shadow , set in San Francisco toward the end of World War I. This period coincides with the height of the Spiritualism … Continue reading

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Immersive fiction: history and other worlds


An on-going exchange about writing historical novels intersected with my reading of an ARC which the research into houses and weapons and clothing is impeccable . . . but everyone in early 1900s Great Britain sounds American. Occasionally modern American. … Continue reading

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Zombie Genes and Other Wonders

The Orion Nebula, viewed by the Hubble

In the midst of much craziness in the political world, here are a few treasures to remind us this is also a fascinating, awesomely beautiful place. Hundreds of Genes Spring Back to Life in the Days After Death The majority … Continue reading

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Heroes, Protagonists, and the Beau Ideal

Not long ago I got into a discussion about John M. Ford, who I find always worth rereading. The particular book that sparked things off is The Dragon Waiting, about which I commented that I found the main character to be … Continue reading

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Alma’s Bookshelf: Embers of Heaven

In the aftermath of what I quickly came to call my Blessed Book, “The Secrets of Jin-shei” – the one that swept the world, was quickly published in some dozen or more languages including REALLY out-there ones like Catalan, and … Continue reading

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Richard III Wins In Extra Time!

Sport is full of amazing stories. But last night Leicester City achieved one of the most amazing turnarounds in sporting history. They won the English Premier League. To put this in perspective, only four teams have won the Premier League … Continue reading

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