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Art, Imagination, and Freedom

When I clicked over to watch the video of Ursula K. Le Guin’s acceptance speech (it’s only six minutes; like all her work, it is elegantly concise) I was glad to discover that nearly sixty thousand people had been there … Continue reading

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Poet’s Walk and the Wayfarer’s Dole


Rambles in England, Part 5 On our last day in lovely England, Thor and I took the Poet’s Walk, the favorite ramble of John Keats when he stayed in Winchester. The mellow path follows the River Itchen through town and … Continue reading

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Stonehenge and Musings on the Day of the Dead


Rambles in England, Part 4 I’m writing this on Halloween, All Hallow’s Eve, Samhain, on the cusp of the season when traditionally the veil between the worlds thins and the presence of the dead can be felt. Which is not … Continue reading

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Let’s Play Dress UP (redux)


By Phyllis Irene Radford Warning, this blog is photo heavy. I recently encountered an individual who shuddered and shook his head at a middle-aged woman at a tourist attraction who had green streaks in her hair and had gelled it … Continue reading

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The Building Blocks of Storytelling: Gossip

When I was a teacher, I took the part of the stern moralist when dealing with gossip—easy to do when kids were being hurtful, but harder to maintain when they weren’t. The writer part of me found their daily dramas … Continue reading

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Evita: A Very Short Review

by Brenda W. Clough  This warhorse of the musical theater was revived in 2012 on Broadway and is now on tour. I caught it at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC. I have seen the movie, which is a different … Continue reading

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Rambles in England, Part 2


St. Paul’s Cathedral and John Donne’s Memorial: I was eager to visit this magnificent cathedral not only for the architecture, but to see the memorial statue of John Donne, who famously penned the words, “No man is an island.” An … Continue reading

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Beauty is the Beast

  I was reshelving some books the other day, and there was Rosmund Hodge’s debut YA fantasy, Cruel Beauty. I’d read it when it first came out, remembered enjoying it, and sat down to reread it. There seem to have … Continue reading

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Worldcon Report 11: Ruins

by Brenda W. Clough  Research is a favorite activity of writers — in fact the danger is doing too much, to the detriment of writing. Here we are in the ancient City of London, admiring the old Roman city walls. … Continue reading

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Truth in Fiction: Interesting Victorian Women

I am bound to come out like a murderess or an idiot in my photograph — hard featured, forbidding, and coarse. . . . Mr. Falk had given me a low chair, and I told him my legs were so … Continue reading

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