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The Salon: Blogging for the Posh

I was rereading Benedetta Craveri‘s  biography,  Madame du Deffand and her World, and when I hit the chapter about her St. Joseph’s convent salon, the parallels between the eighteenth century French salons and the evolving blogosphere gave me this mental … Continue reading

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Silver Fork Novels and Romance

In my own particular mental map of the modern novel’s river, the watershed is Jane Austen. Her books were romantic, but she was not writing romance as it was soon understood. Within a very few years after her death one … Continue reading

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Magna Carta: 800 years and counting


by Phyllis Irene Radford Magna Carta: 800 years and counting Imagine my surprise several years ago when a noted politician who should really learn to keep her mouth shut, announced that the U.S. Constitution wasn’t good enough, we needed to … Continue reading

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Honor Flight for World War II Veterans


The Rambling Writer visits Washington, D.C., with her veteran dad. (Note: I’ll return to my Greece travels and novel research in my next blog, June 13; the first installment was on May 16.) This Memorial Day, I took my 92-year-old … Continue reading

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Writers vs Truthers: The Big WHY

I commented in an earlier post that I have observed similar thought patterns and behaviors in some inexperienced writers and conspiracy theorists (or truthers, as they are often called). In my first article on the subject—“Truthers vs Writers: Time, Freeze … Continue reading

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Fixing the Future?

Because my husband works in the film industry, we sometimes get to see early screenings–or screenings that are remarkable because the director is there, or we’re in the company of other film tech people, or just because it’s a great … Continue reading

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Hapax and Heyer, Austen and Irony, or, What I should have said.

by Sherwood Smith In the last year or so, I’ve been asked by people both in person at con panels and at my Jane Austen book club discussion group, as well as on line, what I see as the difference … Continue reading

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Fiction in History, History in Fiction

Back in the 1970s, when dinosaurs roamed the flat earth before the internet, I used to listen to one of my favorite ballads, “Roads to Moscow” by Al Stewart  and wonder what the story was. I knew the history behind … Continue reading

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Balancing Act

So I’m writing this book, set in England in 1812. And somehow a group of the people sometimes referred to as Gypsies, or Travelers, or Tinkers, has appeared and is playing a role in the story. And the research, and the ramifications, … Continue reading

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WWW Wednesday 3-4-2015

ghost planet

It’s WWW Wednesday. This meme is from shouldbereading. • What did you recently finish reading? Some months ago a member of BVC recommend Ghost Planet by Sharon Lynn Fisher. Literature has a long history of dealing with how we treat “the … Continue reading

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