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Women, Children and Horses First

In these days of ferry disasters and sinking cruise liners one can be forgiven for thinking that the modern captain, far from being the last to leave the ship, likes to be the first onto the lifeboat. Here’s a story … Continue reading

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Change is the Only Constant

In times of change it’s always useful to remember that everything is a time of change. Since the advent of print-on-demand, and then of e-books, there have been approximately 47 trillion articles written on The End of the Book As We … Continue reading

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Fictive history and THE PHILOSOPHER KINGS

Last month I was involved in a book discussion that sprawled over the entire landscape of literature, as they do. At one point a person began deriding the recent crop of YA steampunk-Victorians, naming some best selling authors in a … Continue reading

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Blab-Chat Interview

One of the perks of being an author/editor/internet personality is that authors get opportunities to do interviews with great folks like Beth Barany and her Blab-Chat. It was fun, relaxed, and went overtime. I got dragged kicking and screaming in … Continue reading

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The Short and Long of It

Oh, forever ago when I was young and foolish and had just moved back to New York City from Boston, I took a job at an investment bank. I had lived in dorms, or with room-mates, since I left home … Continue reading

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The News From 2Dits Farm: The Once and Future Book


I think I am in an abusive relationship with my manuscript. I’m fighting it, it’s fighting me. I’ve written, rewritten, unwritten, spat, cursed, prayed. I’ve walked away, but I can’t stay away because there’s something about this one, that elusive … Continue reading

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I Sing of a Maiden


As has become somewhat of a tradition over the years, the Horseblog is taking a winter break. It will be back in the new year, with more horse stories and rants and reflections and odd bits of equine lore. As … Continue reading

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Arthurian Cycle with a New Twist

  The story of Arthur and the knights of the Round Table is one of the longest shared world stories in Western history. From what I can tell, there were various mentions of Arthur in poems, especially Welsh ones, before … Continue reading

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Three Ways of looking at Kate Elliott’s Court of Fives

In order to discuss this young adult fantasy, I have to get sort of spoilery. I try to avoid specifics, but I do talk about the general outline of the book. So, Court of Fives, described in various places as … Continue reading

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The Passionate Reader


What makes a reader? I was always a reader, but when I look back at my earliest reading, the hunger to escape into the book was balanced out by the message in the books given me, or the grim setting. … Continue reading

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