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Dipping into the Grimoire: Elderberry Cordial

Elderberries still on the bush

The hero of my fantasy series Night Calls is Alfreda Sorensson, a young practitioner on her way to being a full blown wizard. It’s the season for her elderberry cordial, so I thought I’d share her recipe with you. Continue reading

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There’s a Bimbo on the Cover of My Book: Verse One

To celebrate having an honest-to-God bimbo on the cover of a book—one who was specifically designed to be there, I’m rerunning the Bimbo series from 2011, which takes a humorous and sometimes terrifying look at the things that end up … Continue reading

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BVC Announces Orcas Intrigue by Laura Gayle

Orcas Intrigue by Laura Gayle

Camille Tate has always run away…but vanishing whenever life gets too frightening has never solved anything.

When a broken heart sends Cam to remote Orcas Island to try her hand at caretaking and writing a screenplay, she finds quiet beaches and cozy bookstores, plus a host of intriguing folks, including a rugged boat-builder, a glamorous neighbor, and a reassuring sheriff’s deputy.

But an escalating nest of mysteries and the haunting sense of being watched soon leave Cam wondering if she can believe her own perceptions. As intrigue turns to danger, she must decide whether there is anyone she can trust, or if it’s time for her to vanish yet again. Continue reading

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Plot, counterplot and the uniqueness of story

  You hear all kinds of numbers for the plot lines available to authors — 27, 10, 7, 3, 2, 1. Personally, I believe that there are two basic plotlines, or possibly only one he “Someone leaves town/A stranger comes … Continue reading

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The Fantastical Explosion

I’ve been slowly culling my enormous book collection; as I get older, the prospect of moving so many books gets grimmer. Anything I won’t reread gets donated to someone who will, which includes a long collection of Nebula anthologies. A … Continue reading

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Having Fun With Women Characters in Thunderlord (aka “Jane Austen on Darkover”)

Across genres, we accept the importance of bonds between brothers; I would argue that in speculative fiction, at least, we give less weight to the loyalty and emotional intimacy between sisters. This may be due to the domestic setting for … Continue reading

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BVC Announces Spoiled Harvest by Leah Cutter


Spoiled Harvest The Cassie Stories, book 3 by Leah Cutter Cassie cannot turn away her most recent client. She needs the money. Though honestly, trying to find the woman’s damned cat turns her stomach. But the client also carries a … Continue reading

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BVC Announces “8 rms, full bsmt” by Kristine Smith

8 rms full bsmt by Kristine Smith

Before you sell your home, don’t forget to hire a housecleaner to remove all those nasty demonic presences. Continue reading

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BVC Announces “Continuing Education” by Kristine Smith

Kristine Smith

A woman seeking a new direction in life returns to school, and learns lessons she never imagined. Continue reading

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Alma’s Bookshelf: Changer of Days

Changer of Days: The making of a novel   I am used to this – or I should be, it’s happened to me often enough. A character steps out of the ether, introduces himself or herself if I am lucky, … Continue reading

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