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Coed Demon Sluts: cover reveal #5

Omigod, you guys, I am so thrilled with this sketch for the cover of the final Coed Demon Slut novel that I have to share! My cover guy, Mark Collins of Mark C. Collins Illustrator, normally illustrates kid’s books, but he … Continue reading

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BVC Announces By Jove by Marissa Doyle

By Jove by Marissa Doyle

After three soul-destroying years of teaching unenthusiastic middle-schoolers, Theodora Fairchild is thrilled to be a student again, pursuing her doctorate in Latin. She’s sure John Winthrop University will be the intellectual home she’s always longed for, the place where she’ll finally fit in. But her teaching days aren’t quite over: Theo starts giving “humanities” lessons to sweetly nerdy post-doc Grant Proctor–and loses her heart.

But nobody in the Classics Department is quite who they seem… not even Grant. Theo’s arrival rekindles an ancient rivalry between two powerful enemies, and Theo herself is the prize. After she unwittingly betrays Grant to his oldest foe, she’s determined to rescue him–and herself–before it’s too late.

Because even gods can die–or wish they were dead. Continue reading

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BVC Announces Law and Murder by Mindy Klasky

Law and Murder Fright Court 2 by Mindy Klasky Sarah Anderson loves her job at the supernatural night court of Washington DC–even though that means regularly consorting with vampires. She especially looks forward to the trial of the century, where … Continue reading

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Viable Paradise: Leveling Up

                        When I visited a wring class at a local college last December (write-up here ) I was asked about intensive writing workshops at a professional level. Many had … Continue reading

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Coed Demon Sluts: Beth, the serial

It’s a pretty good gig, actually. You get the nearly immortal, nearly invulnerable demon body, which can be gumbied into any height, weight, size, shape, color, age, you-name-it. You get thirty pieces of silver a month for tempting just three people; if you have sex with them, the bonus is double-bubble; and since silver currency has been out of style for almost a hundred years, they’re all rarities and worth a fortune. You must eat forty-five hundred calories a day, minimum, or else the body gets fatter. You never have to try on a pair of jeans again. You never have to try on another bra. Continue reading

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There’s a Bimbo on the Cover Verse 6: There’s a Blurb on the Cover

Verse 6: There’s a blurb on the backside of the book. There’s a blurb on the backside of the book. There’s one story on the cover; inside the book’s another. There’s a blurb on the backside of the book. Blurbage … Continue reading

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BVC Announces Witch’s Child by Hunter Morrison

Witch's Child by Hunter Morrison

Tyler’s command of the mystifying fighting art called Combat may not be enough to save the life of his dear friend, Molly. In the enchanted Southern California town of Escudillo, nothing is as it seems to be. Rogue clowns roam the streets, a mountain highway twists through the heart of town and no one driving it knows the town is even there, and when an old man, who owns a copper bowl everyone seems to want, dies in a fire, Tyler begins to learn a terrible truth about himself, the town’s past, and deadly peril. Continue reading

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OMNI Names Marie Brennan a 2016 Emerging Author

Book View Cafe is pleased to announce that Marie Brennan has been named one of Omni‘s Best Emerging Fantasy Authors of 2016 for her book Cold-Forged Flame. Rachel David of Omni writes, “A nameless woman with amnesia wakes up in … Continue reading

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Richard Adams: An Appreciation

Watership Down by Richard Adams-9780743277709

I think we can agree that 2016 was a sucky year all around. Death has been busy among us. But I would like to mention British author Richard Adams. The Black Rabbit of Inle came for him in December. He wrote many books, but is unquestionably best known for Watership Down, his first novel and his masterpiece. Continue reading

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Holiday Fiction from Katharine Kerr

St. Michael

The Gift A Nola O’Grady Story by Katharine Kerr One week before my eleventh birthday, my father, Flann O’Grady, took me to visit a friend of his who owned a jewelry shop. Even though I was one of seven children, … Continue reading

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