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BVC Announces Dragons in the Earth by Judith Tarr

Dragons in the Earth by Judith Tarr

Claire is barely scraping a living on her friend’s ranch near Tucson, Arizona. She looks after the long-abandoned horse facility, makes occasional attempts to resuscitate her academic career, and pays the bills, more or less, with her skills as an animal communicator. Those skills don’t always let her say the tactful thing to the human with the checkbook. Sometimes she has to tell the truth. Continue reading

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Sense of Wonder

galaxy fibonacci

So I was reading for review a recent publication of Christian Fantasy and Science Fiction. I realize that a great many (if not most) of the people I know in the sf/f world roll their eyes out of their heads … Continue reading

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Supporting A New Writer: Following The Dream

Renoir sisters reading

Recently, I received this letter from a fan with whom I’d been corresponding. It spoke deeply to me, and rather than answer it alone, I asked some of my writer friends to join in a series of round table blogs … Continue reading

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Another Song of Ice and Fire


I’m in another Storybundle from now through September 8th, and as part of the fun (because these are very communal experiences), we’ve all been interviewing each other about our books and our theme, which is Weird West. For those who … Continue reading

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BVC Announces Storm of Reckoning by Doranna Durgin

Storm of Reckoning by Doranna Durgin

Lisa “Garrie” McGarrity just fought a battle of cataclysmic energies alongside a man who turned out to be not from this world at all. Now she no longer seems quite familiar to herself…or quite under control. But she’d better figure it out fast, because she and her ghostbusting reckoners team have detoured to Sedona, where a friend desperately needs occult assistance–and where fiercely driven, half-human bounty hunter Trevarr keeps glancing inexplicably over his shoulder. Continue reading

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Alma’s Bookshelf: Worldweavers

Back in 2002, back when Harry Potter WAS the YA genre (Number One, and then twenty empty spaces behind it before the next contender…), I attended that year’s World Fantasy Convention. At that time, I had no real interest in … Continue reading

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BVC Announces The Princess Troll by Leah Cutter

The Princess Troll by Leah Cutter

The Princess Troll Seattle Trolls series, book 2 by Leah Cutter Most trolls have no natural magical ability. However, Christine does. Enchanted powders swirl up when she walks by. Charms glow. What happens when Christine tries to direct her magical … Continue reading

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LGBT Characters and Bone War

A reader reviewer for my novel IRON AXE wrote that he liked the book until he hit the “social commentary” about gay people, and then he didn’t like it anymore.  He wanted interesting characters in his fantasy, not social commentary. … Continue reading

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Cover Mania

I love it when covers WORK. The covers for my fantasy series the Books of Blood and Iron follow a progression, and it’s pretty cool.  We start with IRON AXE: We have an ancient axe, crudely made and battered and … Continue reading

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The Ghosts that Talk

Ghosts in history first rose to my notice with Jaime Lee Moyer’s atmospheric, tense series beginning with Delia’s Shadow , set in San Francisco toward the end of World War I. This period coincides with the height of the Spiritualism … Continue reading

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