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The Reluctant Traveler visits Hill House

I’m watching my favorite Halloween movie as I write this. Directed by Robert Wise, Claire Bloom’s clothes by Mary Quant, and starring the incomparable Julie Harris. Black and white. 1963. And the novel this movie is adapted from is one … Continue reading

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Bladerunner 2049 Needs an Editor!

(a quickie film review; I’ll try to avoid spoilers) I’ve been a big fan of the original “Bladerunner” since it first showed in the theaters, so was really looking forward to this sequel. I avoided seeing any trailers or reading … Continue reading

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Hold the art, gimme a flick with great extras

I find it almost impossible to watch cinema. My palate has been irretrievably vitiated by a constant diet of trashy teen pix, romcom, bromance, vilely stupid adventure flicks, indie gay comedy, and B-minus monster movies dated pre-1977. This means I fall asleep after ten minutes of Babette’s Feast, and I have a perfect 0 for 0 record at having seen the Oscar nominees in any year before the ceremony. Continue reading

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Revisiting the past. Sort of.

It’s spring break. Last Friday, my son and a friend decided to do a movie marathon of The Lord of The Rings trilogy. One of his friends had never seen it. I can’t remember if my son had seen it … Continue reading

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Missing the Beauty

I subscribe to three different news feeds that specialize in media news so I can keep up with the latest media information for my media literacy class.  For weeks and weeks, a single story has dominated the headlines: the “gay … Continue reading

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Consideration of Works Present: Sully

(Picture from here.) I saw the film Sully last night (Starring Tom Hanks. Directed by Clint Eastwood.) and found it both compelling and irritating. The directing was quite good and Tom Hanks’ performance was quite good. The film is about Chesley … Continue reading

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Revenge is a dish best savored…

…on film? I’ve never considered myself a particularly vengeful person, but over the years I have come to enjoy a good revenge flick. The good guy/gal wins inasmuch as they are able given the loss that led them to seek … Continue reading

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Grace in the Face Of

A few years ago I got to be a presenter at the Nebulas. Ask any writer of SF and they will tell you that it is generally better to be a nominee or–please God–a winner. But being a presenter is … Continue reading

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A Tricoastal Woman: Church, the Space Program, and Hidden Figures

Friendship 7

When I think about the space program, I think about the Episcopal Church. The small town where I grew up was founded by Quakers, though a more conservative branch of them than the ones associated with the American Friends Service … Continue reading

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La La Land: A Very Short Review

by Brenda W. Clough Movie musicals are rare as the unicorn these days. When was the last time you saw them singing and dancing in an original production on a movie screen, except in children’s animation? So La La Land is a … Continue reading

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