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Nevertheless, She Persisted: “Bearing Shadows”

I am a lucky man. I’m the father of my daughter. I’m the father of my son. Can’t get much luckier than that. I remember that feeling, though, toward the end of the first pregnancy. Everything was going well, yet … Continue reading

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Reading Aloud

I don’t remember my parents reading aloud to me, though I’m sure they did. I do remember reading to my kids. In fact, I still do if I can talk them into it. Or hogtie them. I also used to … Continue reading

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Final Visit

I’d thought I was going for a final visit. My father had been sick for a long time, and had been living on borrowed time since his heart attack in 2005. I pictured myself spending a couple of weeks hanging … Continue reading

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Lessons in Partnership

There is an astonishingly adorable one-year-old taking his first flight, seated with his parents in the row behind me.  His parents are wonderful with him: it sounds like a party I’d love to be part of. Next to me is … Continue reading

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A Tricoastal Woman: Green Pants

green pants

I ordered some pants online in a color called “moss green.” I was picturing a grayish green, a subdued color that would work with a lot of different shirts. The pants that arrived were the color of the green crayon … Continue reading

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In Troubled Times: A Personal Sanctuary

When I received a letter from the Department of Corrections, informing me of the late March parole hearing for the man who raped and murdered my mother, I felt overwhelmed. It had been as much as I could do to … Continue reading

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The Milestone I Didn’t See Coming

I have two daughters, and one is an actress Because of this, she and her sweetie have worked at the Great Dickens Fair in San Francisco for… five? No, six years. First as scum (the local color who give the joint color); … Continue reading

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Traditions and family

One of the things that’s always fun to include in books for me are families and their traditions, particularly since so many people have very specific and individual traditions–both at holidays and not. And then of course, the fun begins … Continue reading

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Where I come from, under the wing of the Orthodox Christian church, birthdays  have long been secondary in importance to one’s  “Imendan” (name-day) which is celebrated on the day that belongs to the saint after whom one is named. It … Continue reading

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Our deepest condolences go out to BVC member David Levine. He lost his wife, Kate Yule, yesterday, October 4, 2016. Kate struggled with cancer for a long time. She was best known for her wit, her laugh, her kindness, and … Continue reading

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