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Why Kids REALLY Can’t Write

The New York Times posted this article about students and writing. Go have a look and come back: It’s interesting and shows a number of teachers who have different approaches to solving the problem of students who can’t write … Continue reading

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BVC Announces No Perfect Magic by Patricia Rice

No Perfect Magic by Patricia Rice

Will Ives, the bastard son of the late marquess, is as strong, handsome, and smart as his brothers, but he has no interest in society or book learning. His unique gift for training highly-prized rescue dogs is all he needs. His peace is shattered the day the beautiful but eccentric Lady Aurelia demands his help in finding a child no one knows is missing. Continue reading

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The News From 2Dits Farm: Nap Time

I set the stove timer for twenty minutes, which is much easier than fussing with the alarm clock. By the time I’ve taken five steps toward the great room, Gracie–who has been fast asleep all morning on one of the … Continue reading

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Miss Holmes: a theatre review

Mandy Walsh as Dr. Watson handles her responsibilities with compassion but also with the clinical pragmatism of a scientist, an emotional woman only when she has leisure for that role, and a creature of action when called upon. Katie McLean Hainsworth as Holmes is a wonder of on-the-spectrum single-mindedness. I adored her wearing a hump and stitches as Igorina in Monstrous Regiment. Here, she is overwhelming, just a miracle. Continue reading

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The News From 2Dits Farm: On Being Retired

She’s a gregarious person, snappingly energetic, this former teaching colleague of mine. We’ve met by chance in the bulk foods aisle of the supermarket, and her expansive gestures can fly around unimpeded here because the section sees only light traffic. … Continue reading

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Wading Into Controversy

The school where I teach is adding some new books to the curriculum.  Yay!  I’ve been agitating for some changes to English 9 and English 12 because all the books and plays we read are by white men.  No minority … Continue reading

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Blab-Chat Interview

One of the perks of being an author/editor/internet personality is that authors get opportunities to do interviews with great folks like Beth Barany and her Blab-Chat. It was fun, relaxed, and went overtime. I got dragged kicking and screaming in … Continue reading

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Good Writers are Consummate Liars

Lately, I’ve been thinking and reading a lot in preparation for leading the upcoming spring semester Fiction Workshop at Swarthmore College. I almost always spend the months leading up to it reading a new crop of short stories across the … Continue reading

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Freshmen and Autism

I’m back!  How much did you miss me? After sliding into the shadows for a while to meet deadlines of doom, and then taking a small spotlight as Book View Cafe’s secretary, I’ve now returned to BVC blogging.  Igor is … Continue reading

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Parenting in an Evolutionary World

(Picture from here.) Tomorrow we take our son to college. Yes, it’s an emotional. We’re taking someone we’ve known for 18+ years, who has essentially been the center of our lives for all that time and putting them in an … Continue reading

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