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Makeover Queen: When hairdressers go bad

Makeover Queen by Jennifer Stevenson

I actually had a hairdresser once who really was pretending to be gay to avoid his ex-wife. While I didn’t find his act particularly convincing, I did wonder what he had going on that his ex couldn’t stay away from.  Continue reading

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Teaching Purple

When my English 12 students finish MAUS, we’re moving on to THE COLOR PURPLE. I’ve never taught it before and was floundering over ways to approach the book. Part of the district curriculum requires seniors to compare three different versions … Continue reading

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Apples and Role Models

Over the weekend, Darwin and I went to an apple orchard. These places abound in Michigan, an apple state. They’re half U-pick, half amusement park, half bakery. The apples aren’t any cheaper than the store AND you have to pick … Continue reading

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The Census, the LGBT Community, and Me

The Census Bureau is only planning to ask about sexual orientation on their pre-survey which asks people what barriers exist that prevent them from taking part in the census (CBAMS). This is a major problem. Originally for the upcoming … Continue reading

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All the sluts at once

I’ve really loved writing these books. They’re funny and feminist and fantastical and finally off my desk, featuring succubi, shoes, and shopping, massive quantities of food and controlled substances, boots-on-the-ground empowerment, all-girl hot tubbing, riot-grrl rage, rollicking, revenge, renewal, rejoicing, and six women who find out what they’re made of by making themselves into something totally other. Continue reading

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All the sluts: the hinky side of women’s fiction

I’m so excited about this series launch, I’m squeaking like a mouse. Also bouncing. Coed Demon Sluts was conceived at the point when I realized that my last series, Slacker Demons, was leaving the lair of the incubi empty. I’d … Continue reading

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Why I Won’t See Alien: Covenant

My husband Darwin likes horror movies. As a rule, I don’t. I do like SF movies, though, and here we have ALIEN: COVENANT, which combines the two genres. This, I thought, would be a perfect date movie!  Horror for Darwin, SF for me. … Continue reading

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Beauty, Revisited

Darwin and I finally saw BEAUTY AND THE BEAST.  My thoughts: –Emma Watson isn’t a great singer. Her voice is quite weak compared to Paige O’Hara. Come to that, none of the cast members has a standout voice, except the … Continue reading

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Riverdale: Kevin and Moose

A few years ago, Archie Comics unveiled with fanfare Kevin Keller, the first gay character in their comics universe.  There was some backlash, but overall the character proved enormously popular.  So popular, in fact, that he was given his own … Continue reading

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Gay Promise

So far I’ve written about the Gay Tragedy and the Gay Tease. Finally, we also have the Gay Promise.  This is when the producers announce loudly and firmly that they’re going to have a gay character on the show.  Real … Continue reading

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