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Beyond Sexual Harassment

Women & Power

The problems created by the frat bro rules found in so many aspects of our society go much farther than the recent documented episodes of sexual harassment and abuse and even much farther than the effect those specific actions had … Continue reading

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Phantastes’ Dreamer

An artist called Tony Phantastes created a rather amazing sculpture in a tiny country town in New South Wales. I visit every now and again, for it changes. For years it was decaying and now someone is changing it. Today … Continue reading

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The King Is Dead

Testosterone Rex

[This review originally appeared in the Cascadia Subduction Zone, Vol. 7, No. 1.] If Cordelia Fine had not become a psychologist, she could have had a great career as a humor writer or stand-up comic. In Testosterone Rex: Myths of … Continue reading

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Within My Teaching Box (the Stroumph! edition)

How do we bring our readers into a new world with us? How do we make them accept that this world is real? I have many tools for this in my teaching box. Most of my tools for this are … Continue reading

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Laure Junot: Life before, during, and after revolution

After any extreme event, ever since the advent of print (I’m sure before as well, but it’s more difficult to find the evidence) people have penned their memoirs. For the longest time the ones considered significant were those written by … Continue reading

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Theatre review: In The Next Room, or, The Vibrator Play

If you’re a fan of historical fiction you should see this play. If you’re a woman who has learned her way around her own body under less than optimal circumstances, or taught a man, you should see this play. If you’re a student of feminism, medicine, or sociology, you should see this play. If you need a laugh and can laugh at lengthy (and I assure you prudishly veiled) performances of hysteria cure in women and men, you should see this play. If you love steampunk for the finicky social rules, the language, the clothes, and clank, you should see this play. Continue reading

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BVC Eats: Chinese Sticky Rice Stuffing

by Brenda W. Clough As other bloggers here have noted, food is key. Hobbits love lembas; wizards and Rangers smoke pipeweed. Long before you understand another culture, another race, you are happily eating their food. Thanksgiving is the quintessentially American … Continue reading

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Theatre review: Escape to Margaritaville

In its slack, umbrella-drink-holding way, Margaritaville is body-image-positive, feminist, and egalitarian in its relationship developments. For you romance readers, the romance values are adult-level, in spite of the Parrothead themes. All the character arcs have twists I didn’t see coming. (As well as a few I did. Spoiler alert: the bride is seduced, no surprise . . . but via cheeseburger.) Continue reading

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The Ongoing Conversation

I’m in the process of writing a book on self defense that emphasizes the ability of women to protect themselves, focuses on the non-fighting skills that everyone can develop, and addresses the larger picture of attacks on women. Which is … Continue reading

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A project of the heart

  We live in troubled times – but that could arguably be said about a LOT of historical eras, I suspect. The thing that makes ours stand out is that our revolutions ARE televised, and we are now unable to … Continue reading

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