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Calculated (and Uncalculated) Risk


One of the stronger recent shocks to the horse community came when what had been viewed as a nuisance case in Connecticut was judged, not just once but again on appeal, against the horse owner and in favor of the … Continue reading

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#Watched100times: Lost loved movies

roly poly fish heads

Sometimes I think I step into these wormholes where only I and half a dozen other crazies get to see a film…and then it vanishes forever. Continue reading

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#Watched100times: The Valet

supermodel Alice Taglioni and valet Gad Elmaleh

To save the exec’s position with his wife, his wonderfully creepy yet sexy attorney suggests that the random guy caught walking by in the paparazzo’s photo should be recruited to pretend to be with the supermodel. Continue reading

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The Custom of the Country*

Recently I watched Ernst Lubitsch’s charming romance, The Shop around the Corner, starring James Stewart and Margaret Sullavan. Made in 1940. In this time of endless remakes, the latest and most successful iteration of which was You’ve Got Mail. The … Continue reading

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Trauma du jour: new purse

The top flap has a zip pocket! It's floppy if I put too much into it. Liz has taught me to leave all that stuff at home.

Are you fussy about your purse? Does it have to be exactly so big? Have at least five pockets? No pockets? One strap or two? Plain black or color? Bling or no bling? Leather or microfiber? And the phone pocket? Continue reading

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In Celebration of The Hobbit 2

By Brenda Clough Oh happy day, the second Hobbit movie is out! Perhaps you, like I, cannot get to the theater this weekend. So to tide you over, here is another LOTR song parody for the occasion, dug out from … Continue reading

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One of Those ‘Aha’ Moments

I’m a sucker for personality quizzes, especially when I’m goofing off on Facebook. So the other day I did the “Who In Fiction Are You?” quiz that was apparently put up in honor of Scottish Book Week. It was impossible … Continue reading

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Mirror, Mirror

courtship_bvc (2)

So I was following a link from a favorite blog, to another blog that happened to be talking about the blogger’s relationship with animals. I’m not linking because these things are so common and so frequent that you can probably … Continue reading

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The Eighth of December

In the fall of 1974, about a week after I had moved into on-campus housing at Sonoma State University, I walked from my apartment to the main building to check for mail, then re-traced my steps to go to my … Continue reading

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My Very Dear Reader . . .

It is scarcely the province of an author to refute the arguments of his censors and vindicate his own productions, but I may be allowed to make here a few observations with which I would have prefaced the first edition … Continue reading

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