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My Very Dear Reader . . . writer vs. critic

It is scarcely the province of an author to refute the arguments of his censors and vindicate his own productions, but I may be allowed to make here a few observations with which I would have prefaced the first edition … Continue reading

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A Tri-Coastal Woman: Small Town Girl

Friendswood Friends Church

I was born in Houston, but most of my childhood was spent in Friendswood, a tiny town just beyond the Houston suburbs (it later became the suburbs) founded by conservative Quakers. We lived on fifteen acres, with a creek and … Continue reading

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The Legend of Tarzan: A Belated Review

Darwin and I saw THE LEGEND OF TARZAN on DVD yesterday.  We’d both heard it wasn’t all that great, but you know–eye candy!  So we watched it. Eesh. Both Darwin and I agreed–the problem here was twofold.  First, the story … Continue reading

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The Twilight Zone: A Commentary (Part 2)

Now that it’s streaming on Netflix, I’ve been watching THE TWILIGHT ZONE for the first time.  (I had a deprived childhood.)  The show has had a big impact on the SF community for decades, like a grandfather who used to … Continue reading

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The News From 2Dits Farm: A Wreath From Maine

The wooden rack outside the supermarket is hung with wreaths for sale, red ribbons flapping in the sea wind. “Now, that’s a gorgeous one,” I murmur, stopping to admire a pleasingly balanced composition of cedar, reindeer moss, spruce, and pine. … Continue reading

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See a penny I don’t believe that I am particularly superstitious. On a scale of 0 to 100, with 0 being “not in the least” and 100 the score of your average major league baseball player on a hot streak … Continue reading

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Where I come from, under the wing of the Orthodox Christian church, birthdays  have long been secondary in importance to one’s  “Imendan” (name-day) which is celebrated on the day that belongs to the saint after whom one is named. It … Continue reading

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Retreating to the Mountains

Kuan Yin

I spent a week doing Tai Chi at the Rigdzin Ling retreat center of the Chagdud Gompa Tibetan Buddhist association in the Trinity Alps in Northern California. On the sunny days, when we did some of our practice outdoors, we … Continue reading

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Stepping Forward

The summer before my senior year in college I worked as a waitress. I’d spent the three previous summers as an au pair, and had worked in my college library during the school year, but this was, in some ways, … Continue reading

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Nirvana in Fire

Somewhere I saw this referred to as the Chinese Game of Thrones, which startled me because if anything I see it as the opposite of Game of Thrones—that is, the rape-infested, amoral violence that made me drop the first novel … Continue reading

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