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The Rambling Writer Takes a Ferry & Road Trip through British Columbia, Part 4


The Petroglyphs at Bella Coola From Part 1,  Sept. 19, 2015: A visceral sense of place is very important to me when writing my novels, and after setting them in far-flung locales, I’m bringing this new novel-in-progress home to my … Continue reading

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The Passionate Reader


What makes a reader? I was always a reader, but when I look back at my earliest reading, the hunger to escape into the book was balanced out by the message in the books given me, or the grim setting. … Continue reading

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Sugar Skulls!

by Rowan Derrick

The sugar skulls party was a blast, as usual. Here are some (only some!) of the wonderful, creative skulls that resulted. (I posted about molding the skulls earlier this week.) photos by Chris Krohn

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Marriage: Unlocked

Ten days ago, I got married. Normally, this would only matter to people who know me and my intended, but this isn’t a usual case.  See, I married a man, which means I have a husband. Thank you, Supreme Court. … Continue reading

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Meditations on Molding Sugar Skulls


It’s mid-October, one of my favorite times of year, and I’m preparing for my annual sugar skull decorating party. It’s a fun activity, and also a tribute to those who have passed on. Every year guests honor loved ones, relatives, … Continue reading

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The News From 2Dits Farm: The Ghost of Halloween Past

Be Good to your Goblins

I don’t get any trick-or-treaters anymore. The kids on this road are either all grown up and gone, or they attend the bonfire and party down on Main Street that is hosted by the school and the local volunteer fire department. … Continue reading

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Forbidden Books

forbidden bookindex

  “The world is tottering to ruin, evidence not merely of decrepitude, but of final collapse.” News pundit last weekend? Probably. But this particular quotation is a translation of a warning by St. Cyprian, written in the middle of the … Continue reading

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Human Exceptionalism


Humans, at least in Western culture, have this thing. They have to feel superior. Doesn’t matter in what way. Intelligence, ethnicity, physical appearance, physical ability, culture, choice of deity or style of worship, geographical location, sports team, stuff/no stuff, you … Continue reading

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To be seen, to be remembered


A friend of mine recently returned from a trip to Europe. Part of her trip was spent bicycling down the Danube (something I want to do if I can get over there for Worldcon 2017 in Finland), which enabled her … Continue reading

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The Social Contract


I thought some interestingly different ideas came up in the discussion a couple weeks ago when I posted on the writer/reader contract. Some feel that writers owe them a good story—and some feel that the writer owes the reader nothing beyond … Continue reading

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