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Haunted by Jane Austen


A literary ramble through England: “We’re being haunted by Jane Austen,” my husband Thor declared by the midpoint of our recent two-week jaunt through the midlands and southern England. It seemed that every town or village where we lighted had … Continue reading

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Find Your Passion

Pamela Long

I was thrilled by this year’s MacArthur grant list.  So many fascinating people doing so much meaningful work. Poets. Musicians. Scientists. Lawyers. An artist using Houston’s Third Ward and the people who live there as his canvas. Alison Bechdel! I … Continue reading

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Antony & Cleopatra: A Very Short Review

by Brenda W. Clough  Shakespeare is wonderful. But Shakespeare at the Globe Theater in London, an exact replica of the original playhouse on the south shore of the Thames, is unbelievably cool. I am so glad we did this! Some … Continue reading

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Good Bad Books

Worldcon is now over, and if you were stuck home like me, your internet reading every day was full of posts about panels and discussions and finally the awards, which latter sparked some discussion, including the inevitable backlash of derision … Continue reading

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What’s in a Word: Emotional Atmosphere

Like all writers, I have a special relationship with words. In my case, I love them. I am fascinated by the way they work (or fail to work), the myriad ways in which they can be misunderstood, misused, even abused … Continue reading

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A Karate Scrapbook: Pursuing Beauty

Ever since karate gained a foothold in the United States, the dojos that specialize in the tournament scene have attracted greater numbers of students than those that concentrate upon the long, slow study of the traditional artform. This is even … Continue reading

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Worldcon Report 5: Museum Overload

by Brenda W. Clough  Museum overload is easy. You just go to the British Museum. This is where Brits have been stashing loot for centuries. It is the entire Smithsonian in one building. Every time some Iraqi or Greek demands … Continue reading

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BVC Eats: Welsh cakes a la Venusienne

This recipe comes all the way from Venus.

This recipe was given to me by my landlords in New Haven. They were strange folk. Mark was a pagan, once the Pursuivant of Arms for the New London Barony of the Society for Creative Anachronism, and Becca was into EST and the Hunger Project. My husband and I called them the Venusians. We pretended that their pickup truck, which was red and named Fafnir, was really a spaceship, and that when they disappeared for the weekend it was because they were Phoning Home. They were by far the coolest landlords we ever had, and they were also into good food. Continue reading

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Aliens in Hell

As a writer of science fiction, I found creationist Ken Ham’s commentary on alien life and the space program absurd and thought provoking. For those of you who missed it, in response to NASA’s expectation of finding alien life in … Continue reading

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erotic netsuke

Now that I’ve got your attention, I want to talk about, well, sex. I’ve been thinking about sex a lot lately. On the positive side, I’m thinking about sex a lot because I’m getting some after a very long drought, … Continue reading

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