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The News From 2Dits Farm: On Being Retired

boat reader

She’s a gregarious person, snappingly energetic, this former teaching colleague of mine. We’ve met by chance in the bulk foods aisle of the supermarket, and her expansive gestures can fly around unimpeded here because the section sees only light traffic. … Continue reading

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Sentence-like Sequences of Words

Today, communication fans, I’d like to dismantle four sentence-like sequences of words that have something in common: muddled meanings caused by a poor (or possibly clever) choice of words. Who said them and with what intent is irrelevant to the … Continue reading

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The Links

Links I don’t click on:  –Anything that uses the phrase “mind blown” –Or “will blow your mind” –Or “what happens next will . . . “ –Or “share when you find the . . . “ –Or “share when you … Continue reading

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Why the Bathrooms Matter

By now we all know that Department of Education and Justice have issued guidelines for public schools on how they should treat transgender students.  They basically say that transgender students must be allowed to use the bathroom, locker room, and … Continue reading

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Richard III Wins In Extra Time!

Sport is full of amazing stories. But last night Leicester City achieved one of the most amazing turnarounds in sporting history. They won the English Premier League. To put this in perspective, only four teams have won the Premier League … Continue reading

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Inspiration and Worry


In the last week, I’ve been exposed to some inspiring projects that offer real possibilities for slow but meaningful change to our world. The Amah Mutsun, a tribe of Native Americans recognized by California though not by the federal government, … Continue reading

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Why the Horse?


It’s interesting to reflect on the animals that humans have chosen as frequent companions–or that have chosen humans. While we’ve kept just about every possible creature as a pet, status symbol/zoo animal, or beast of burden, a select few have … Continue reading

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The Language of (folding) Fans

The idea of using fans as a semaphore system is instant story fodder for a lot of us. As a young writer I gleefully grabbed that idea and ran with it, but it wasn’t until decades later, when I wrote more … Continue reading

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Heirlooms and Lost Arts

  When I brought this home, I asked family members and some guests who happened to be over if they could identify it. Everyone agreed that it was a lamp, and a short discussion occurred over whether it was a … Continue reading

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Forced to Pay More When You Have Less

Poor people are usually forced to pay more for stuff than rich people.  Toilet paper, for example: This phenomenon is well known. I’ve seen it first-hand. I have a big freezer in my garage that I bought with tax-refund … Continue reading

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