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Writers vs Truthers: The Big WHY

I commented in an earlier post that I have observed similar thought patterns and behaviors in some inexperienced writers and conspiracy theorists (or truthers, as they are often called). In my first article on the subject—“Truthers vs Writers: Time, Freeze … Continue reading

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The Rambling Writer: Novel Inspiration and Research in Greece


Back when I had more time than money, I followed the sirens’ call to Greece, whose mythology had enchanted me since childhood.  Loading up my backpack, I set off on four months of ferry trips, hiking, hosteling and camping on … Continue reading

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Invasive weeds I’ve learned to love

Resistance is useless!

It was my first house and garden. In my innocence, I accepted many gifts from my neighbor. Did I mention my neighbor’s mischievous sense of humor? Twenty-four years later, I still have most of them. In abundance. Continue reading

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Fallow Time


Our culture tends toward the frenetic. Gotta go-go-go, gotta do-do-do. Everything has to be about something, for something, in aid of something. Even sitting and meditating is a thing you do, not an opportunity to just be. Writers can tie … Continue reading

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Raising Feminists, The Fairy Tale Edition

This weekend my husband and I went to the Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco’s Presidio. We’d been meaning to for a while, and though we missed the exhibit of Walt’s massive train set (my husband has a 7-year-old boy’s … Continue reading

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Thinking About Ethnicity

Come and Take It

When I’m asked what ethnic group I belong to, my immediate response is “I’m Irish,” quickly modified by “but I’m also Scottish and English and maybe Dutch.” That’s a pretty common response from white people in the U.S.: we tend … Continue reading

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The Rambling Writer: Travel Mementos


Note: In my last blog, I promised to write more about my experiences as a fairly new member of Book View Café, but I’m going to wait a bit to revisit that topic. An upcoming interview of several BVC members … Continue reading

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It really doesn’t qualify as an earworm unless you find yourself humming along with the track in your sleep. Or, if it comes on the radio in the car, you fail to scream loudly and change the station, but instead sit there, experiencing a not-entirely-unpleasant sinking sensation, saying to yourself as the familiar sounds paralyze your fight-or-flight response, “Well, it really is a good song,” and then bursting loudly into the chorus, hating yourself, yet feeling weirdly complete, like a brainwash victim actually feeling rewarded for being unable to run away. Continue reading

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Reprise on Bricolage

  A couple years back, people linked to Lev Grossman’s list of twenty things he’d like to see in fantasy novels. Discussion of lists like this can slow to a halt when writers pop up, issuing long comments about how … Continue reading

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Into the Woods: A Very Short Review

by Brenda W. Clough This is a show, and a movie, about what we want. Do you really know what you’re wishing for? If and when you get it, will it pan out? Or will you discover that what you … Continue reading

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