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The Building Blocks of Storytelling: Gossip

When I was a teacher, I took the part of the stern moralist when dealing with gossip—easy to do when kids were being hurtful, but harder to maintain when they weren’t. The writer part of me found their daily dramas … Continue reading

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Evita: A Very Short Review

by Brenda W. Clough  This warhorse of the musical theater was revived in 2012 on Broadway and is now on tour. I caught it at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC. I have seen the movie, which is a different … Continue reading

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Raising Feminists, the Film Edition

I was going to write about my current obsessive hobby of beading, but then Seven Brides for Seven Brothers was on TV.  And I was appalled all over that I let my impressionable daughters watch it when they were small, and impressed … Continue reading

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Someone recently said that wonder dies with the young. My first reaction was resistance, but I could not articulate why, other than that I don’t wanna think of the world as something that can no longer afford wonder. It’s certainly … Continue reading

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A Sense of Place

A tree in Oakland

Moving has made me think about the multiple places I consider home. Texas, of course. The whole state, not just Austin (where I went to college and where I live now), Houston (where I was born), or Friendswood (where I … Continue reading

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What’s in a Word: Shared Worlds/Shared Words

brown and white eggs

In my last article on word-smithery, I made the observation that “There are two parties to [the author-reader relationship], of course, the writer has to know how to use the words, but the reader has to know how to read … Continue reading

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Rambles in England, Part 2


St. Paul’s Cathedral and John Donne’s Memorial: I was eager to visit this magnificent cathedral not only for the architecture, but to see the memorial statue of John Donne, who famously penned the words, “No man is an island.” An … Continue reading

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More Transitions


Judith Tarr’s Monday blogpost on transitions made me realize that transition is the right word for my life right now, too. I’m moving, for the third time in less than seven years, this time from Austin, Texas, to Oakland, California. … Continue reading

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Haunted by Jane Austen


A literary ramble through England: “We’re being haunted by Jane Austen,” my husband Thor declared by the midpoint of our recent two-week jaunt through the midlands and southern England. It seemed that every town or village where we lighted had … Continue reading

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Find Your Passion

Pamela Long

I was thrilled by this year’s MacArthur grant list.  So many fascinating people doing so much meaningful work. Poets. Musicians. Scientists. Lawyers. An artist using Houston’s Third Ward and the people who live there as his canvas. Alison Bechdel! I … Continue reading

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