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Human Exceptionalism


Humans, at least in Western culture, have this thing. They have to feel superior. Doesn’t matter in what way. Intelligence, ethnicity, physical appearance, physical ability, culture, choice of deity or style of worship, geographical location, sports team, stuff/no stuff, you … Continue reading

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To be seen, to be remembered


A friend of mine recently returned from a trip to Europe. Part of her trip was spent bicycling down the Danube (something I want to do if I can get over there for Worldcon 2017 in Finland), which enabled her … Continue reading

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The Social Contract


I thought some interestingly different ideas came up in the discussion a couple weeks ago when I posted on the writer/reader contract. Some feel that writers owe them a good story—and some feel that the writer owes the reader nothing beyond … Continue reading

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Peter Pan 360: A Very Short Review

by Brenda W. Clough  You know when it’s a classic? When it has many lives. There are so many Pride & Prejudice clones, sequels, re-dos, vampirizations, X-rated editions and modernizations that there are web pages to keep track of them.. … Continue reading

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Wreck Beach, Vancouver, B.C.


The Rambling Writer Takes a Trip Over the Border “And now for something completely different,” Thor announced. It was a hot, sunny day, but instead of our usual hiking getaway to a secluded mountain lake for a bracing dip, we … Continue reading

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Punching Down

I saw something the other day that made me really angry, in that “what, were you raised in a woodshed or something?” sort of way. Prolonged, self-involved, privileged rudeness makes me on-beyond-cranky. And as I watched this behavior continue I … Continue reading

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The Salon: Blogging for the Posh

I was rereading Benedetta Craveri‘s  biography,  Madame du Deffand and her World, and when I hit the chapter about her St. Joseph’s convent salon, the parallels between the eighteenth century French salons and the evolving blogosphere gave me this mental … Continue reading

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Chacun à son goût: The Women vs. The Women

the buck starts here

Cukor vs. English: Both versions of THE WOMEN are remarkable because every single member of the cast is female. Not just the principals, not just the bit players, but the extras, the crowds in the crowd scenes, the clerks in the stores and the waitresses in the restaurants, the random soul in the elevator, the random bodies in the gym. It’s extraordinary. You have a chance to think about what you think of each character. It takes longer to watch the movie, somehow. You just…take your thumb off the fast-forward button. Continue reading

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Lummi Tribal Stommish with the Rambling Writer


“We are the Lhaq’temish, the Lummi People.”  Now called the Lummi, these Coast Salish natives of Northwest Washington State and southern British Columbia inhabit a reservation just a few miles north of my hometown in Bellingham, WA. Dad used to … Continue reading

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Writers vs Truthers: The Big WHY

I commented in an earlier post that I have observed similar thought patterns and behaviors in some inexperienced writers and conspiracy theorists (or truthers, as they are often called). In my first article on the subject—“Truthers vs Writers: Time, Freeze … Continue reading

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