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Returning to Oil: Bigger, Darker

by Brenda W. Clough  One of the things that I am prone to (I remember now!) is green. Somehow everything I paint in oil is very, very green. I don’t even like green! Other people can paint landscapes that are … Continue reading

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Returning to Oil: The Inspiration

by Brenda W. Clough As I recall, I received a set of oil paints for my birthday. They came in this exact wooden Grumbacher box, which has an address label on it with an APO New York address. Which allows … Continue reading

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Like Penelope

When my peers were taking piano lessons, I was taking weaving lessons. My family placed a premium on the arts and the more esoteric crafts, and when my parents realized that we had a professional weaver living down the road … Continue reading

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Rocks rock

One morning several weeks ago, as I walked my dog down one of the state park trails, I noticed something atop one of the trail signs. So, I went over to check it out. Thus was I introduced to the … Continue reading

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Autre Temps

The photo below is from the Spring, 1957 issue of Bride and Home. The three players are me (in the vermillion romper), my mother (in the jumpsuit, in the middle, and my brother Clem (in the white footie pajamas). I … Continue reading

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Studies in Frustration

Based on my title, you might be forgiven if you think that the studies in frustration came from writing or the publishing business. Both can be very very frustrating. However this time it’s about knitting. I’ve been working on socks. … Continue reading

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Nevertheless, She Persisted: Making Love

Nevertheless, She Persisted

by Brenda W. Clough  Have you noticed how very many stories, and how the sweeping majority of movies, star young people? The hero, the heroine — always under forty, often under thirty. Even Spider-Man’s Aunt May has lost sixty years! … Continue reading

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Meeting Emma and Gillian

“Did GG’s stuff include a scrapbook?” “There’s one of those late Victorian scrapbooks, with poems and pasted pictures. Is that what you mean?” In my debut novel for Book View Café, The Wizardry of Jewish Women, a scrapbook appears. “This … Continue reading

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The News From 2Dits Farm: A Wreath From Maine

The wooden rack outside the supermarket is hung with wreaths for sale, red ribbons flapping in the sea wind. “Now, that’s a gorgeous one,” I murmur, stopping to admire a pleasingly balanced composition of cedar, reindeer moss, spruce, and pine. … Continue reading

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Respect the Process

I cannot even think about the election today. I have done my civic duty (in addition to the Great National Stressor, we have 16 state-wide ballot initiatives, and 25 city-wide ballot initiatives to vote on). I need to be thinking … Continue reading

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