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Revisiting the past. Sort of.

It’s spring break. Last Friday, my son and a friend decided to do a movie marathon of The Lord of The Rings trilogy. One of his friends had never seen it. I can’t remember if my son had seen it … Continue reading

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Coed Demon Sluts: cover reveal #5

Omigod, you guys, I am so thrilled with this sketch for the cover of the final Coed Demon Slut novel that I have to share! My cover guy, Mark Collins of Mark C. Collins Illustrator, normally illustrates kid’s books, but he … Continue reading

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Doing the Smart Thing

Alma Alexander wrote last week about characters doing, as she put it, “eye-wateringly dumb” things in order to advance a story, and she isn’t wrong. Watching characters do dumb things for no reason is painful, exasperating, infuriating. But what about … Continue reading

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Why do characters… #1: Why do characters do stupid things?

We’ve all read those books. The ones where everything is going swimmingly and then somebody you’re supposed to care about does something so eye-wateringly dumb that your eyes hurt from rolling, and that sound you hear is your molars grinding … Continue reading

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My Muse is Heading For Palm Springs The Winter

We all have those days when you stare at the computer screen for hours and anything you try to type looks like Old High Marsian. My muse is on walkabout. Mental exhaustion I tell myself when this happens. Too many … Continue reading

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Writers Club: The Rabbit Hole

I have a PhD in English. In my research, I focused on the Victorian period. Doing that research allowed me to dig into the reality of the Victorian period and I’d dive in and find myself in a rabbit hole. … Continue reading

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Writer Club Rules: Truth is No Excuse

That’s one thing I’ve learned over the years, that truth is no excuse for fiction. I’ve had students who want to fictionalize a real story and then have found themselves floundering because true things are often too unbelievable to work … Continue reading

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Shortshrifting a story

Have you ever read a story or watched a show and had a character do something so obnoxious that you called him or her names? I was watching a movie and the father did something fairly shitty to his daughter … Continue reading

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Having Fun With Women Characters in Thunderlord (aka “Jane Austen on Darkover”)

Across genres, we accept the importance of bonds between brothers; I would argue that in speculative fiction, at least, we give less weight to the loyalty and emotional intimacy between sisters. This may be due to the domestic setting for … Continue reading

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Another Song of Ice and Fire

I’m in another Storybundle from now through September 8th, and as part of the fun (because these are very communal experiences), we’ve all been interviewing each other about our books and our theme, which is Weird West. For those who … Continue reading

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