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Bibliotherapy, the Russ Pledge, and Toni Morrison


Bibliotherapy – dealing with your crises and angst in life by reading appropriate books – sounds like a wonderful idea. Many people I know have “self-medicated” by reading something powerful over the years. So The Novel Cure: From Abandonment to … Continue reading

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Summer Illness, Reading Joy


My summer began in a rather inauspicious manner with a round of bronchitis that lasted the better part of 3 weeks. Long story, the highlights of which are a history of previous episodes, the discovery that I am highly allergic … Continue reading

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The Salon: Blogging for the Posh

I was rereading Benedetta Craveri‘s  biography,  Madame du Deffand and her World, and when I hit the chapter about her St. Joseph’s convent salon, the parallels between the eighteenth century French salons and the evolving blogosphere gave me this mental … Continue reading

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Let the Good Times (and Reviews) Roll

Devil's Daughter600x900

Okay, I’m going to take my blog spot today to crow just a bit about early responses to my Bird Street Books collaboration, Devil’s Daughter: Lucinda’s Pawnshop, Book One. (With Hope Schenk-de Michele and Paul Marquez.) I’m especially pleased with reviews … Continue reading

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Influential Fantasy for Heroines


Okay, so I’m old, and have been reading a long time. People sometimes ask, What fantasies were you reading before . . . [Harry Potter, before Hunger Games, before whatever-is-popular now]. This discussion sometimes evolves into influence, and popular tropes. … Continue reading

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Why Don’t More People Read?: Part 3 of The Business of Books

Right now, approximately 70 million people in North America (US, Canada, Mexico) regularly buy and read books. “Regularly” is defined as buying and reading at least one book a month. This is frequently described in popular media as “nobody reads any … Continue reading

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Southern “Heritage” Should be Gone — With the Wind!

I read Gone With the Wind as a teenager in the 1960s. At the time I read it, I was already a strong supporter of the Civil Rights Movement, having been raised to condemn the racism I saw around me … Continue reading

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Runaways, sex, and Greek mythology: DANNY by Steven Harper

  I have a tough time reading books with horrific real life problems mixed with fantasy; too often the fantasy boils down to wish fulfillment, with an undertone of “I was given mega-powers because I was a mega-victim.” I should … Continue reading

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Silver Fork Novels and Romance

In my own particular mental map of the modern novel’s river, the watershed is Jane Austen. Her books were romantic, but she was not writing romance as it was soon understood. Within a very few years after her death one … Continue reading

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A Little Etiquette, a Little Incense, a Little Edge

I think I was 13 when I discovered, more or less all at once, Georgette Heyer, Mary Stewart, Jane Aiken Hodge, and “romantic suspense,” a broad category that included different sorts of books but generally featured a woman in a diaphanous gown, … Continue reading

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