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Teaching Purple

When my English 12 students finish MAUS, we’re moving on to THE COLOR PURPLE. I’ve never taught it before and was floundering over ways to approach the book. Part of the district curriculum requires seniors to compare three different versions … Continue reading

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Apples and Role Models

Over the weekend, Darwin and I went to an apple orchard. These places abound in Michigan, an apple state. They’re half U-pick, half amusement park, half bakery. The apples aren’t any cheaper than the store AND you have to pick … Continue reading

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The Census, the LGBT Community, and Me

The Census Bureau is only planning to ask about sexual orientation on their pre-survey which asks people what barriers exist that prevent them from taking part in the census (CBAMS). This is a major problem. Originally for the upcoming … Continue reading

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Sexism and Shopping

I found this display at Meijer:         The left is for girls, the right for boys.

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The Adventure of the Cursed Umbrella

Earlier this summer, my husband Darwin and I traveled to Ireland.  We saw Dublin and Newgrange and Loughcrew and thousand-year-old walls. We drove on the left, we ate bangers and mash, we climbed the Hill of Tara. But mostly, we … Continue reading

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Writing Nowadays–Tax Time!

It’s tax time! No, really, it is. When you’re a writer, it’s always tax time. Why? Because so many things you do or buy qualify as deductions. But you have to keep track of them. Mileage when you drive downtown … Continue reading

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Why Kids REALLY Can’t Write

The New York Times posted this article about students and writing. Go have a look and come back: It’s interesting and shows a number of teachers who have different approaches to solving the problem of students who can’t write … Continue reading

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Writing Nowadays–Hollywood and Magic Computers

Yesterday, Darwin and I were watching a Big Name Spy Thriller on DVD.  It had the same plot every other spy thriller uses: STEP ONE: Spy Protagonist learns of an object he needs to get hold of in order to … Continue reading

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Writing Nowadays–Not Getting Paid

I wrote an article about using puppets in play therapy for autistic children and sent it to [NAME REDACTED] magazine. It received an enthusiastic response from the editor, who said they wanted to publish it. No mention of payment in … Continue reading

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How to Enjoy Literature in a Foreign Language ™

A while ago, I heard about the book UND WAS HAT DAS MIT MIR ZU TUN? (AND WHAT DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH ME?) by Sacha Battyany. It’s about a man who discovers that in 1945, his great-aunt, who … Continue reading

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