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Strange Skills

A while ago, some friends and I were talking about strange and (probably_ useless skills they’d picked up over the years, and it got me to thinking about my own. Off-hand: 1. Raising, butchering, and cleaning chickens, ducks, geese, and … Continue reading

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Salad Help

This past week, I made a menu that came out heavy on the meat.  We had ribs, ham, hamburgers, and chicken.  It wasn’t on purpose–I just wasn’t paying attention. Maksim, my youngest, asked about some vegetarian dishes, and I said … Continue reading

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Beauty, Revisited

Darwin and I finally saw BEAUTY AND THE BEAST.  My thoughts: –Emma Watson isn’t a great singer. Her voice is quite weak compared to Paige O’Hara. Come to that, none of the cast members has a standout voice, except the … Continue reading

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Missing the Beauty

I subscribe to three different news feeds that specialize in media news so I can keep up with the latest media information for my media literacy class.  For weeks and weeks, a single story has dominated the headlines: the “gay … Continue reading

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Writing Nowadays–Without a Deadline

I don’t have a contract or deadline right now.  It’s a little nerve-wracking, because it means I don’t have any for-sure checks coming up.  On the other hand, it means I can write whatever I want. This is also a … Continue reading

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Lego Batman: A Brief Review

Saturday we all went to see the Lego Batman movie, mostly because Maksim (my youngest) wanted to see it, and partly to get out of the house on a Saturday evening. Batman and the Joker are facing off in a … Continue reading

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Riverdale: Kevin and Moose

A few years ago, Archie Comics unveiled with fanfare Kevin Keller, the first gay character in their comics universe.  There was some backlash, but overall the character proved enormously popular.  So popular, in fact, that he was given his own … Continue reading

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Riverdale: A Meandering Review

I’ve been watching RIVERDALE.  I want to know how they managed to negotiate this with the owners of Archie Comics, really.  The show is dark and moody and focuses quite a lot on the sex lives of the characters, quite … Continue reading

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Gay Promise

So far I’ve written about the Gay Tragedy and the Gay Tease. Finally, we also have the Gay Promise.  This is when the producers announce loudly and firmly that they’re going to have a gay character on the show.  Real … Continue reading

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Gay Tease

Last week I wrote about Gay Tragedy.  There’s also the Gay Tease. This is when a TV show or movie claims that a character is gay, but doesn’t actually DO anything with it.  There are two versions of the Gay … Continue reading

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