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(Picture from here.) NASA has announced some new findings from the Cassini probe. In 2015, Enceladus produced a geyser that Cassini managed to fly through. In its mass spectrometer, it detected molecular hydrogen. This is hydrogen that is only bonded … Continue reading

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Consideration of Works Present: Sully

(Picture from here.) I saw the film Sully last night (Starring Tom Hanks. Directed by Clint Eastwood.) and found it both compelling and irritating. The directing was quite good and Tom Hanks’ performance was quite good. The film is about Chesley … Continue reading

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Unnatural Empathy

(Picture from here.) The eastern gray tree frog (Hyla versicolor) and the Cope’s gray tree frog (H. chrysoscelis) are closely related. They look identical. Yet they only mate preferentially with each other. Why? You might ask. The Cope’s frog has … Continue reading

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Old Man’s Judo

(Picture from here.) When I was in grade school, in California, my father enrolled me in a judo class. I have no idea why he did it—in fact, it was done so early in my life it seemed completely natural. Who … Continue reading

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Consideration of Works Present: The Jungle Book

(Picture from here.) When I grew up there were four books I read over and over: Huckleberry Finn, Mark Twain Kim, Rudyard Kipling All the Mowgli Stories, Rudyard Kipling Crazy Weather, Charles L McNichols Crazy Weather was never made into a … Continue reading

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Evidenced Thinking and Writer Naivete

(Picture from here.) I haven’t been talking about science much lately. Heck, from the activity in my blog here, I haven’t been talking much about anything. To be frank, trying to fill this blog has, of late, been difficult. Not … Continue reading

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Consideration of Works Present: The Arrival

(Picture from here.) The Arrival opened last Friday (November 11, 2016) and the SF book club saw it together. It is a good film (mostly) and it is actual science fiction. There are no hidden references to deities, the Force … Continue reading

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Arbors 101

Picture from here. I’ve spoken of the grapes we grow before. One of my two readers asked about the arbors that support them. The other one was uninterested. So I’m going to talk about the various arbors I’ve built. Let’s … Continue reading

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State of the Farm, September 2016

It’s September, now. The drought continues. Remember when I said the larger plants– the trees, grapes, etc.– seem to be weathering it okay so far? Well, “so far” isn’t so far anymore.

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A Solar Experiment

It is done. The project I’ve been working on over the summer has been completed. That’s it to the side there. The dehydrator itself, the area where the fruits, vegetables, etc. are actually dried is the big box. The long … Continue reading

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