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Nancy Jane Moore's science fiction novel, The Weave, is now available in print and ebook versions from Aqueduct Press. She is a founding member of Book View Cafe. Her most recent BVC ebook is Walking Contradiction and Other Futures, a collection of her science fiction adventure stories. She also recently released Ardent Forest, a retelling of As You Like It set in post-apocalypse Texas. Other BVC e-books include Conscientious Inconsistencies, a collection of short fiction first published in print by PS Publishing; Flashes of Illumination, a collection of very short stories; and the novella Changeling, first published by Aqueduct Press. Her short stories and essays are also available in most of the BVC anthologies.

Soledad Mission and the Esselen

Soledad Mission

We took a quick trip down to the central coast of California this week to visit family. Since the fast drive down is not very exciting, we decided to stop at the Soledad Mission to get off the beaten path … Continue reading

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It Isn’t 1968.

Black Lives Matter

One thing I’ve heard more than once since the killings by the police in Baton Rouge and Minnesota and the sniper killings of police officers in Dallas is that it “feels like 1968.” I’m not sure what aspect of 1968 … Continue reading

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Slow Money

As most people know, I’m a long-time co-op person. I organized food co-ops back in the 1970s and housing co-ops in the 1980s, and I’ve been a member of one co-op or another pretty much continuously since I got out … Continue reading

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Brexit and Bold as Love

Bold as Love

Some years back, I stumbled across Gwyneth Jones’s Bold as Love, an amazing novel that begins with the break-up of the UK and ends up replacing the royal family with rockstars while merging science fiction with fantasy. I quickly became … Continue reading

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The Ventana Wilderness: A Report, With Rant

Ventana Wilderness

On the wooden gate that led to the next stretch of the Carmel River Trail through the Ventana Wilderness, someone had carved these words: “Not worth it.” Since we’d been warned that this part of the trail would require “bushwhacking,” … Continue reading

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A Day at the Beach


When my sweetheart asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday, I realized I wasn’t in a party mood this year. After due thought, I said, “I want to go look at the ocean.” And since the Pacific … Continue reading

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A Slower Way to Travel

Donner Lake

We came home from WisCon on the California Zephyr, the train that connects Chicago with Oakland via Omaha, Denver, Reno, Salt Lake, and a lot of smaller towns in between. It took two days, which isn’t bad given that the … Continue reading

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A Few Words and Pictures on WisCon 40

Nancy Jane as Space Babe

This is how I started this year’s WisCon: posing as Space Babe with a “blaster” in front of universe art, doing my best to look formidable and intimidating. Once again, I was housed on the 13th floor of the Madison … Continue reading

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Joyful Politics and Feeling Powerful

My friend Diane Silver spoke at the Unity Church in Lawrence, Kansas, last week on “Creating a Joyful Politics.” Given this crazy election year, I thought others would like to hear what she had to say. Diane has a lot … Continue reading

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The ZenTao Haiku


Last year I did what I called the #joyproject – a daily message on Facebook and Twitter about something I experienced that brought me joy. I didn’t start out to write a daily haiku, but somehow that format took over … Continue reading

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