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Nancy Jane Moore's science fiction novel, The Weave, is forthcoming from Aqueduct Press. She is a founding member of Book View Cafe. Her most recent BVC ebook is Walking Contradiction and Other Futures, a collection of her science fiction adventure stories. She also recently released Ardent Forest, a retelling of As You Like It set in post-apocalypse Texas. Other BVC e-books include Conscientious Inconsistencies, a collection of short fiction first published in print by PS Publishing; Flashes of Illumination, a collection of very short stories; and the novella Changeling, first published by Aqueduct Press. Her short stories and essays are also available in most of the BVC anthologies.

WisCon Report, With New Novel!

Nancy Jane with The Weave

My science fiction novel, The Weave, made its first appearance at WisCon. Aqueduct Press had copies shipped by the printer directly to the convention, making its table at WisCon and Madison’s Room of One’s Own bookstore the first places to … Continue reading

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Rocked by Women: Apocalyptic Version

I’m on a panel at WisCon tomorrow afternoon where we’re supposed to come up with better metaphors for dealing with disaster than the zombie apocalypse. In preparation, I decided I should see Mad Max: Fury Road. I had the following … Continue reading

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Story Excerpt Sunday: From Northlight by Deborah J. Ross


Northlight by Deborah J. Ross      The people who’d been waiting gathered around Pateros, their voices like the cries of rock-doves. They surrounded him, touching his sleeve and shaking his hand, each one in turn. Then they backed off, lingering. … Continue reading

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Rocked by Women

Rocked by Women

Last weekend we saw an excellent performance by the Sarah Bush Dance Project, “Rocked by Women.” The performance, danced by a company of six wonderful dancers, represented the personal journey of choreographer Sarah Bush, done to the accompaniment of women … Continue reading

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Fiction, Truth, and Race

Redwood and Wildfire

I took a train down the California coast this week. In the seat in front of me, a woman was reading Margaret Mitchell’s Gone With the Wind. I don’t know how popular that book is today, but when I was … Continue reading

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What Does the Near Future Hold?

Last week I wrote about my love for the future.  In the comments, several people said the 800-pound gorilla of climate change looming over every thing these days makes it impossible to think positively about the future. No way to … Continue reading

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Give Me That New-Fangled Future

Octavia's Brood

I saw on Facebook recently that the millennial generation doesn’t want the family treasures. They’re not interested in finding a place to put all that stuff that’s been accumulating for generations. I’m quite a bit older than the millennials, but … Continue reading

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Advice Disguised as a Story

Conscientious Inconsistencies

I have been thinking about the current conflict within science fiction a lot this week, but the ideas I have on it refuse to jell into a readable blog post. That may be just as well, since so many people … Continue reading

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Changing Everything

This Changes Everything

I was startled to discover that Larry Tribe, a Harvard law professor noted for his First Amendment cases, is representing Peabody Coal in its challenge to Environmental Protection Agency regulations on carbon dioxide emissions from coal-fired power plants.  He seems … Continue reading

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Thinking About Ethnicity

Come and Take It

When I’m asked what ethnic group I belong to, my immediate response is “I’m Irish,” quickly modified by “but I’m also Scottish and English and maybe Dutch.” That’s a pretty common response from white people in the U.S.: we tend … Continue reading

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