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Nancy Jane Moore's science fiction novel, The Weave, is now available in print and ebook versions from Aqueduct Press. She is a founding member of Book View Cafe. Her most recent BVC ebook is Walking Contradiction and Other Futures, a collection of her science fiction adventure stories. She also recently released Ardent Forest, a retelling of As You Like It set in post-apocalypse Texas. Other BVC e-books include Conscientious Inconsistencies, a collection of short fiction first published in print by PS Publishing; Flashes of Illumination, a collection of very short stories; and the novella Changeling, first published by Aqueduct Press. Her short stories and essays are also available in most of the BVC anthologies.

Reading The Color of Law

The Color of Law

I’ve just finished Richard Rothstein’s The Color of Law, a thoroughly researched and brilliant analysis of how government action in the United States built and reinforced racial segregation. It took me several weeks to read this book. That’s not because … Continue reading

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Time for a New Constitution?

Our Undemocratic Constitution

If there is a secular religion in the United States (besides sports), it is worship of the Constitution. Our public officials and military take oaths to defend it. News reports give play-by-play when the Supreme Court is reviewing the constitutionality … Continue reading

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Time to Move

If you want to understand why – and how – to move your body, Katy Bowman’s book Movement Matters is a great place to start. I picked it up because I’m researching how our minds and bodies work together, but … Continue reading

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Literal and Figurative Forest Bathing


  Forest bathing is supposed to be about the health benefits of walking in forests. The “bathing” is the soaking up of the sights and smells all around you. But if you do your forest bathing on a foggy day … Continue reading

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A Personal Fantasy

I’ve had variations on this particular fantasy for many years, but here’s the current one. A rabid puppy or other type of fascist or garden-variety male asshole a lot younger than me is looming over me in a threatening way, … Continue reading

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The Language Attic: Hylic

One of the words my sweetheart’s daughter wanted to look up when she came over the other night was hylic. According to our big fat dictionary, it means “of or pertaining to matter; corporeal.” But the more interesting definition was … Continue reading

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Hurricane Season

My hometown is under water. I’ve been obsessed with following the flood news from the Houston area. I don’t have any family down there any more, but I do have friends in the area. While I’m worried about my friends … Continue reading

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The Sun Is Eclipsed!

  My sweetheart and I saw the total eclipse on August 21 with a small group of nice people in Brogan, Oregon. The sky was clear, the birds freaked out, everyone cheered when the sun disappeared, and the darkened sky … Continue reading

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A Tricoastal Woman: Charlottesville

My voice teacher in college, Aldrich Adkins, was an African American man about the same age as my father. He served in the Army in World War II. When he was stationed at a base in the south during the … Continue reading

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Nevertheless, She Persisted: Chatauqua

Nevertheless, She Persisted

Nevertheless, She PersistedThe idea at the core of “Chatqauqua,” my contribution to the new Book View Cafe anthology Nevertheless, She Persisted, goes back much farther than the sanctions against Sen. Warren, the 2016 U.S. election, or even the problems of climate change that are key elements in the story. It started with a bit of family history from 1923. Continue reading

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