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Nancy Jane Moore's science fiction novel, The Weave, is now available in print and ebook versions from Aqueduct Press. She is a founding member of Book View Cafe. Her most recent BVC ebook is Walking Contradiction and Other Futures, a collection of her science fiction adventure stories. She also recently released Ardent Forest, a retelling of As You Like It set in post-apocalypse Texas. Other BVC e-books include Conscientious Inconsistencies, a collection of short fiction first published in print by PS Publishing; Flashes of Illumination, a collection of very short stories; and the novella Changeling, first published by Aqueduct Press. Her short stories and essays are also available in most of the BVC anthologies.

The Ventana Wilderness: A Report, With Rant

Ventana Wilderness

On the wooden gate that led to the next stretch of the Carmel River Trail through the Ventana Wilderness, someone had carved these words: “Not worth it.” Since we’d been warned that this part of the trail would require “bushwhacking,” … Continue reading

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A Day at the Beach


When my sweetheart asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday, I realized I wasn’t in a party mood this year. After due thought, I said, “I want to go look at the ocean.” And since the Pacific … Continue reading

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A Slower Way to Travel

Donner Lake

We came home from WisCon on the California Zephyr, the train that connects Chicago with Oakland via Omaha, Denver, Reno, Salt Lake, and a lot of smaller towns in between. It took two days, which isn’t bad given that the … Continue reading

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A Few Words and Pictures on WisCon 40

Nancy Jane as Space Babe

This is how I started this year’s WisCon: posing as Space Babe with a “blaster” in front of universe art, doing my best to look formidable and intimidating. Once again, I was housed on the 13th floor of the Madison … Continue reading

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Joyful Politics and Feeling Powerful

My friend Diane Silver spoke at the Unity Church in Lawrence, Kansas, last week on “Creating a Joyful Politics.” Given this crazy election year, I thought others would like to hear what she had to say. Diane has a lot … Continue reading

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The ZenTao Haiku


Last year I did what I called the #joyproject – a daily message on Facebook and Twitter about something I experienced that brought me joy. I didn’t start out to write a daily haiku, but somehow that format took over … Continue reading

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How to Be World Class


Anders Ericsson has finally written the book I’ve wanted to read ever since Malcolm Gladwell gave a quick and dirty summary of Ericsson’s work in his book Outliers. Peak: Secrets From the New Science of Expertise, written with the help … Continue reading

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The Value of Hurricanes

Hurricane Carla had a profound effect on me when I was a kid. It came barreling head-on into Galveston, the biggest one to hit that city since the 1900 storm that killed 6,000 people, and then went on down to … Continue reading

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I heard part of a piece about Wendell Berry on NPR  the other day. It focused on the importance of knowing the place where you’re from. In the piece, Laura Dunn, who recently made a film about Berry (The Seer), … Continue reading

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Inspiration and Worry


In the last week, I’ve been exposed to some inspiring projects that offer real possibilities for slow but meaningful change to our world. The Amah Mutsun, a tribe of Native Americans recognized by California though not by the federal government, … Continue reading

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