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Madeleine Robins is the author of The Stone War, Point of Honour, Petty Treason, and The Sleeping Partner (the third Sarah Tolerance mystery, available from Plus One Press). Her Regency romances, Althea, My Dear Jenny, The Heiress Companion, Lady John, and The Spanish Marriage are now available from Book View Café. Sold for Endless Rue , an historical novel set in medieval Italy, was published in May 2013 by Forge Books

Did You See What I Did There?

Olympic figure skating is one of those things. I never mean to watch, and then, somehow, there I am and five hours have passed and it’s late and my head is full of salchows and axels and spangles.  There are … Continue reading

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About Inconsolable Rage and Forgiveness

If you have not seen Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, go do so. I will not refuse to speak to you if you don’t, but really, I say this because it’s the best film I’ve seen this year. I see … Continue reading

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We Have All Been Here Before

I know that history (and yes, we’re soaking in history right this very second) comes in cycles. I find this comforting when my government seems to be having a breakdown, and some of my fellow citizens have forgotten the basics … Continue reading

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Choosing to be Merry, _ammit.

The _ key on my laptop is not working. This has been a trying year. A year ago in November there was the election, about which, perhaps, the less spoken, the better.  48 hours after the election my lovely Uncle … Continue reading

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Reading (In)Discriminately

Okay: raise your hands. When you were younger (say, teen- to young-adulthood) how many of you read pretty much everything? Finished even the rotten books because they were… well, they were books, and they were there? Okay, so I wasn’t … Continue reading

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Like Penelope

When my peers were taking piano lessons, I was taking weaving lessons. My family placed a premium on the arts and the more esoteric crafts, and when my parents realized that we had a professional weaver living down the road … Continue reading

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Autre Temps

The photo below is from the Spring, 1957 issue of Bride and Home. The three players are me (in the vermillion romper), my mother (in the jumpsuit, in the middle, and my brother Clem (in the white footie pajamas). I … Continue reading

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No, I Won’t Put You in My Book

My daughters gave me this t-shirt a few years ago. I don’t wear a lot of t-shirts–particularly t-shirts with slogans on them–but I keep it for exercising and for those times when a t-shirt is required. However, as regards my … Continue reading

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Finland and Estonia in Bits and Pieces

Jeff has already told you the Big Things, like: there was this Worldcon and it was swell (and very crowded!). So I’m just going to throw a jumble of stuff at you, and you can take from it what you … Continue reading

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All My Bags are Packed

No, actually, they’re not. On Thursday evening I’m heading off to Finland (and Estonia! Don’t forget Estonia!) for 10 days for the World Science Fiction Convention, otherwise known as Worldcon. Worldcon is held in a different place every year–last year … Continue reading

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