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Kristine Smith is the author of the Jani Kilian series and a number of SF and fantasy short stories, and is a winner of the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer. She worked as a pharmaceutical process development scientist for 26 years, but now writes full-time. She also writes supernatural thrillers under the name Alex Gordon. Check out her BVC bookshelf

The Cloisters Museum

I’ve been quietly envious of my globetrotting fellow BVC’ers of late. I haven’t traveled outside the US in years, and there are so many places I want to visit that I can’t settle down to plan a trip to just … Continue reading

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The Plot Proceeded Apace…But Ran Out of Space

Warning: I don’t believe I’ve posted any spoilers for GAME OF THRONES or ORPHAN BLACK, but sometimes what constitutes a spoiler is a matter of opinion, so be warned. Pacing. It’s something I’ve been thinking about these past few weeks. … Continue reading

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Art in the (State) Park

Well, maybe not art in the sense of a mural, statue, or even graffiti. But there is so much stray stuff–stones, branches, bits of garbage–scattered around the trails and lakeshore, and sometimes people mess about with it, then leave it … Continue reading

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Bonsai Progress cont’d

A few weeks ago, I attended a Tropical Bonsai Workshop at Chicago Botanic Garden. A month had passed since the Beginning Fundamentals class ended, and my job since then had been to keep the ficus outdoors and make sure it … Continue reading

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City Art

I visited Chicago a couple of weeks ago in order to attend the American Library Association annual conference at McCormick Place. We lucked out with the weather. Storms stayed away. Temperature and humidity moderated. Combine this with the need to … Continue reading

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Bonsai Progress

We’re getting a short break from a heat wave here in NE Illinois. Temps have been in the high 80s/low 90s, with gusty winds and threat of thunderstorms. Today, low 70s–at least close to the lake–and while the sun is warm, … Continue reading

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Bonsai Beginnings

Bonsai originated in China around 700AD, and was introduced in Japan about 400 years later. The Chinese term for the art, “Penjing,” and the Japanese word “bonsai” have the same general meaning, “tree in a tray/container.” I recently became interested … Continue reading

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Future of Intelligence

This past Tuesday, I braved Chicago traffic to attend a talk at Venue610 that was sponsored by Chicago Ideas. I rarely attend talks, but when I heard the title, Future of Intelligence: Human, Machine and Extraterrestrial, I had to make … Continue reading

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Marching for Science

(ETA: The link near the end of the post, “Headed up State Street,” links to a 45MB video of the Climate March, so unless you have a good connection the download may take some time.) I have a bachelor’s degree … Continue reading

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In the Lobby

Like so many other folks, I was driven by the results of the last election to become more involved in the political side of things. I joined/rejoined organizations, donated money, read blogs, subscribed to magazines. But then I thought about … Continue reading

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